Nikita Rajpoot -A Poetess With A Spiritual Elegance

Few people are born with a specific purpose in life and prefer to stick to their path without any diversion in mind.


Nikita Rajpoot is one such young talented poetess who believes and celebrates spirituality in every possible way in life. I am glad to interact with this talented lady and got the chance to know her better.

Welcome to the platform of Indiacafe24. Ms. Nikita, please share a brief about you, your education, and your family.

Hare Krishna! I am Nikita Rajpoot. I belong to Panipat, Haryana. I am a Commerce Graduate and also studied Masters in Economics from Kurukshetra University. With the publishing of my debut Hindi poetry book, Goonj, I became an official poetess in 2019. Later on, I formed a literary platform, namely Towards Literature, in November, 2019. It adds to my honour that Towards Literature is the first official literary platform of Panipat, which confers me pride of being the Founder and Director of this platform.


I have authored books, of which two are compilations (anthology) and three are Hindi poetry collections. The latest one is Eternals, which is based on Sri MadBhagwat Gita, the greatest speech of the universe uttered by Lord Krishna Himself. Eternals came as bliss in my writing career that made space in the Top 50 Bestsellers with Ranks #40 & #49 in Amazon Kindle Store under the category Religion & Spirituality in November, 2022. If I talk about my family, I fall short of words. So let us continue with their love and support because of which I am here today.

Writing is an art and when did you realize that there is an artist in you for the first time? Can you remember that moment?

Of course, I can remember. In my school days, when I read poetry & literature, a different kind of enthusiasm was filled in my veins. Whether it is Hindi or English literature, I enjoyed reading, learning and elaborating, but till then I never knew that I will become a poetess and a writer. I can recall the time when I wrote many titles or shayari/verses.

I did that work to help my seniors prepare for their farewell. They needed a writer who can scribble mesmerizing verses to dedicate them to their friends and teachers. When I wrote and read my own creation, no matter how tiny my contribution was, I realised that there is an artist in me.

I have known you personally for quite sometime now and you are a spiritual person who has strong faith in spirituality. So how did you get attracted to the spiritual world?

I would say I have been such a person since when I came into existence. God, spirituality, worship, peace are always the center of achievement of my life. If I have everything but I am not a spiritual person or not in peace, I would say I have nothing. Once I wrote, “No matter what you have, if you are starving of peace”; I think this verse demonstrates my ideology. I made portraits of Sri Radha Krishna and Goddess Durga in childhood; remark, I failed to create a nice art but I made them out of love & devotion.


Presently, I am seeking God’s mercy for the advancement in my spiritual life and the Gita Quest team is a great guide on this journey for me and many others like me. Sri MadBhagwat Gita is an inspiration to live the life I desire and to know the true meaning of life.

Is there any effect of spirituality in your poems which helped you to think in such a creative way?

A lot. My poems reflect this. The central theme of my poetry is somewhere linked to it. Even the base of my recent book, “Eternals” is spirituality.

So far other than Eternals – all your last books were poetic books in Hindi. Is this because of your special love towards the Rastriya Language or you are more comfortable with Hindi over English?

It is for the love of our National Language, “Hindi”. But I am a person associated with literature & I assume language shouldn’t be a barrier, so I didn’t hesitate to write Eternals in English. 

Is there any scope or possibility that in the near future we will get to read your poems in English too?

It seems you asked for a talk of my mind. I love to explore what I can write and how I can express myself; language is just a medium. I surely use my skill if I am able to present. Well, I am writing a poetry book in English. I hope readers will love that also.

Is there any special moment in your life that inspired you to take up writing as a medium of expression for you?


Yes, there are many. One of those special moments is manifested in my poem, “Maa”, that I wrote to express my love for my mother, which I can never say to her directly. Usually, I talk in idioms & phrases & dialogue in poetic while conversation. Above this I feel, I express myself in poetry and writing more effectively rather than in person.

Writing, as I said earlier, is pure art… how do you manage to get time to dedicate to writing from your busy schedule?

There is no time boundation for writing to me. I somehow extract moments to write from my busy schedule, but generally I write at the late hours of the day.

When your first book was released, how was the feeling and whom you gave the first copy of the book?

My debut book, “Goonj”, a Hindi poetry collection, was released in April, 2019. I was overwhelmed to see my name on the book. It was like a dream come true. My loved ones reacted the same way and said now we also have a writer in our house. Such a pride! My bad that I can’t recall whom I gave the first copy of the book, but I offer all my achievements to the Lotus Feet of Krishna.

How did the theme of the book come to your mind?

Through life experience, my milieu, the truth of life, my feelings, emotions and what not.

I heard that you are also a reader…. So, what type of books do you love to read?

The love for poetry is eternal. So, In reading, my primary choice is poetry, then comes spiritual books, historical fiction, self-help, fantasy and books which inspire, and are informative.

Eternals- The book is already winning the hearts of readers … but what is the best feedback you received to date about your book?

When they say, “Proud of You” and “An Inspiration, Nikita Rajpoot”, I think, figuring out the best feedback other than these words would be injustice to Eternals. I bow down to Krishna for everything and am obliged to all of them who put faith in my writing, shower their love & encourage me to write better day by day.

Who is the best critique of your work?

Giggle ! Very difficult question. The best critique of my work are my elder brother and my best friend. They advise me to work in a certain way and make me count my mistakes, time to time, but they are also a brace of my life. Whatever I have attained till today, their contribution is immeasurable.

What are the other passions in your life?

Reading, Dancing and Music.         

What else is in the pipeline for the readers from your end?

My short regular notes, verses and poetry  on my social handles. I am actively writing on Instagram under username @nikitarajpoot18 . Apart from this, I just promulgated, I am writing a poetry book in English. Besides poetry, I am making up my mind to scribe something distinct from poetry. I would love to disclose it in our imminent discussion.

In your journey as an author/poetess, name 3 people whom you meet and they made a place in your heart.

One of those three are you (Samata), Author RH Rose (I like her attitude) & Suyashi Mishra (Her writing won my heart, she is also a co-author of Sangam, my first Hindi poetry anthology & the second book). 

Any Suggestions for budding poets?

Keep Writing! Value what you have. Not everyone can write; if you can write, you are, undoubtedly, special. Someone is there to read you. Don’t allow your art to go in vein. Never let your inner artist die. 

Define Nikita the author/poetess in one line.

Nikita is someone who values her loved ones, ethics, peace and faith above anything.

Thank You for the Interview

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