Book Review-Under the Influence-By Malini Aggarwal 

A Book Review of Under the Influence: How to Survive and Thrive Online – Penned By Malini Aggarwal 


We are living in a world that is socially active online. Being socially active turned out to be an integral part of our personality. Sadly, the online world is not as supportive as we thought it should be before being a part of it.

The constant hate statements, the hurtful trolling, and the general negativity of “friends” and fan followers often made us feel depressed and emotionally drained. Malini Aggarwal’s latest book, Under The Influence, educates readers about the ways to deal with trolling and other problems online while creating a positive online presence.  

Premise: Under the Influence

Having experienced massive amounts of both love and hate online, Malini Aggarwal is well aware of the pros and cons of establishing one’s identity in the online world. Drawing heavily from her own experiences, Malini has penned an eye-opening chronology about how best to handle the negativity online. 

She showed us the pathway for engaging in social media regularly to stand in the face of chaos and unpredictability we may face. It is a perfect handbook to get valuable insights into the workings of the chaotic culture and the best ways to avoid it. Malini, via her book, made an effort to educate society in the best possible way. She hopes that the readers use social media to spread positivity online and empower them to take constructive actions against online body shaming, bullying, and trolling. 

Who Should Read It: Under the Influence

Writing Style: Under the Influence

The author has followed an empathetic tone throughout the book. The book includes excerpts from interviews with famous influencers and psychologists, personality and self-assessment tests, and interactive quizzes. All these are included in the book to guide the readers. The book discusses a challenging subject that a few authors have done to date. Malini’s writing style made the content easy to understand and implement in our lives.

The cover page of the book is designed to reflect the unique style of Malini and does not offer any indication of the topic discussed between the covers. 

Final Verdict: Under the Influence

Malini Aggarwal has once again proven why she is an exceptional content creator and influencer of influencers. It is a must-read book for people to stay positive and mentally well while engaging in the somewhat gloomy online world. On my front, I had faced some painful incidents online but overlooked and moved on. Such books are a must-read for those who are, and who want to be a part of social media. I will give this book a rating of 4.5/5.0. 

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