Privacy Policy

We are well aware of the significance of ensuring the safety and integrity of your personal data and information. That is why we make sure that we collect only that data that is absolutely necessary to ensure a hassle free experience for you whenever you browse our website. We follow stringent policies to keep your personal informational completely private and safe so that it cannot be misused. For this we not only apply the latest electronic tools and software technologies but also physical practices and policies to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

Collecting Data

We use the latest technology to ensure that only the most basic information is collected in order to make sure that you enjoy a fast and reliable web browsing experience with our website. We refrain from collecting personal data such as your name, e-mail account details and IP address etc before seeking your permission for the same. In case any such details are required, we take proper measures to collect and store the same in a secure manner. We strongly advice our visitors to go through the entire privacy statement to get a better idea of the measure we take to keep your data safe.

Data Usage

The data collected by our website is used solely for enhancing the web browsing experience of our visitors. Under no circumstances do we share your private details with third party vendors, although we might provide some basic info to our business affiliates for ensuring better services. In some cases we might use the information collected to conduct in-house audits and or perform other website analysis procedures. In all these process we take utmost care to ensure that your details are not reveled either intentionally or accidentally to unauthorized persons or parties. We also do not send any promotional offers or newsletters on your personal mail unless you have exclusively granted us the permission for the same or subscribed for any such services on our website.

Dealing with Cookies

Like most other websites, we use cookies to ensure a personalized web browsing experience every time you visit our portal. The cookies help to store your personal preferences and chosen settings so that you do not need to change them every time you visit India Café 24. You can choose to disable cookies or turn them off selectively, in case you do not need to store them on your system. However, this might affect the manner in which you are able to view or use certain features or sections of our website or even the speed and performance of our portal on your system.

Affiliates, Advertisers and Others

We may have the third party advertisers like “Google”, which may pass on the cookie to your browser to serve ad on this website. But it’s in your interest and choice to open that link. For the security you can read the privacy statement of Google ad and content .

Modifications In Privacy Policy

India Café 24 reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy policy of the website without intimating the users in advance. However, we make sure to provide immediate updates about any such changes instantly so as to minimize any inconvenience caused. In the meantime we request you to visit this page on a regular basis to remain well informed about any changes in our Privacy Policy.