W for Wax- The Story of Waxy

W for Wax- The Story of Waxy- Our differences Makes us Shine

Nano Tale For Kids With Alphabet W

It’s the story of a simple yet unique candle, Waxy. Waxy was handcrafted with love by an old lady named Washima. Washima had a small shop where she displayed her handmade candles for sale. Waxy was her unique creation with organic ingredients and superior-quality wax. But why is Waxy so unique?

Washima made it in the shape of her name initial, W… It was her signature candle, and she made it for the first time after planning for a long for her signature product.

Washima added vibrant colors with lavender fragrance to make every buyer in the shop notice her. The day, when Waxy was placed on the shop’s front shelf for display by Washima in the shop, she felt a little uneasy. Waxy felt out of place among the other candles. 

The other candles were mostly straight and tall, while Waxy was short and curvy with no resemblance to the others.  But Waxy was unaware of her special talent as Washima kept it a secret for her and the prospective owner of Waxy. Waxy was empowered to create the most beautiful patterns when she would get lighted. Her aroma would soothe the mood of the people surrounding her in no time and would establish a positive vibe.

On the shop’s anniversary day, the shop owner, Washima, placed Waxy in the center of the display. There were special anniversary discounts by Washima offered on the other displayed candles, but not for Waxy. It was because she was unique and special to Washima. Waxy also holds an expensive tag.

The crowd was very high in the shop that day, and few children loved Waxy’s intricate designs. They demanded their parents to buy Waxy. But having Waxy was not in everyone’s budget. But there was one family where the kids convinced their parents to take home Waxy. Finally, Waxy bid goodbye to her creator, and she found herself in a loving home.

Waxy gifted joy to her new family with her presence. She made their evenings positive and happy with her warm glow. Her aroma made every visitor to the house happy. She realized that being different was his greatest strength.

But a time arrived when Waxy’s wax slowly melted away, and she knew that was the nature of her existence. Even after she melted completely, her spirit in the house remained bright.

After she flicked out, her memory lived on in the hearts of those she mesmerized with her fragrance.

And so, the story of Waxy taught everyone that it’s okay to be different – for our differences are what make us shine the brightest.

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