X for Xylophone – The Story of Javed and Junaid

X for Xylophone – The Story of Javed and Junaid- The Musical Bond

Nano Tale For Kids With Alphabet X

Once he got the opportunity to travel to Africa for a music instrument manufacturers conference. At that conference, he learned about a new musical instrument named Xylophone. He explored the African market and learned to make this instrument. Javed’s wish was that musical artists from India should also know how to play this instrument. 

 Returning to India, he started making the first Xylophone in his shop. One day, a curious boy named Junaid peeped into his shop. Looking at the curious face, Javed smiled and asked him to get in. Javed showed Junaid how he carved wooden bars to make Xylophones sing. With eyes full of curiosity, Junaid wished to try his hands on the Xylophone. 

With his little fingers, he tapped the bars, creating magical melodies. Javed was so impressed with the natural talent of the boy. He thought of gifting one to him. As Junaid was a small boy, Javed gifted him a tiny Xylophone.

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