Y for Yoga- The Story of Yash and Guruji

Y for Yoga- The Story of Yash and Guruji- A journey to Enlighten your Soul

Nano Tale For Kids With Alphabet Y

In the lively village of Sundar Nagar lived a curious little boy named Yash. One sunny day, he was playing near the river bank. Suddenly, he found an old saint sitting beneath the Banyan tree in deep meditation mode. He heard about this saint from many but never met in person. That day, he was happy when he saw him under the tree. Yash went near him, and after joining his palms, he said, “Pranam Guruji.” Hearing the voice of the boy, Guruji slowly opened his eyes.

Guruji had a shine in his eye and a divine smile, on his face. Yash was so impressed by his persona and asked, “Guruji, what makes you so happy and healthy?”

Guruji giggled to appreciate the innocence and curiosity of Yash and said, “Yoga, my dear Yash. Yoga brings peace to the mind and strength to the body. Yoga offers you the magical power to feel good and stay good. Do you practice Yoga?” There was a twinkling in his eyes and a sharp smile when he asked Yash. He felt too shy to answer this question but slowly said, “No Guruji”. There was a sense of disappointment in his voice, and Guruji noticed that. He smiled at him and said, “It’s never too late, and you can start from today only the art of yoga, for your benefit.”

Intrigued, Yash requested Guruji to teach him yoga. With a gentle nod, Guruji agreed. Every morning, under the shade of the ancient banyan tree, Guruji devoted himself to teaching Yash the art of yoga. They practiced various poses of yoga, starting from Surya Namaskar to Savasana.

As Yash practiced for a few days, he noticed something magical happening. His mind felt calm, and his body felt strong. He could run faster, jump higher, and smile brighter than before. Noticing the changes and improvement in him Yash decided to spread knowledge about yoga.

Excitedly, Yash shared his newfound happiness with the other children in the village. Soon, Sundar Nagar heard the laughter and the sound of little feet practicing yoga. From Guruji Yash learned that yoga is not just about stretching and bending; it’s about finding happiness and harmony within us. The art of Yoga enlightens our body, mind, and soul with positivity, peace, and harmony. 

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