U for Uncle- The Story of Ujjwal and His Uncle

U for Uncle- The Story of Ujjwal and His Uncle- The Lesson of Share and Care

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In the village of Ullaspur lived a boy named Ujjwal. Because of his cheerful personality and friendly nature, all the villagers also loved him immensely. But do you know who was Ujjwal’s favorite person? No, it’s not his parents, although he loved them too. But when it comes to a friendly relationship, his first love was his uncle Udaya. Udaya was a gentleman with a kind heart and bright eyes full of intelligence and charm.

Ujjwal always spent a lot of time with his uncle, and Udaya used to take him on various adventures to get closer to nature. One thing that Udaya always gave importance to was to love people and nature to get loved back in life. Ujjwal was highly motivated by the life philosophy of his uncle. He followed it by loving all in the surroundings. He also took care of Mother Nature in whatever possible way he could. 

Every weekend, Ujjwal and his uncle embarked on exciting adventures. Sometimes, they spend time recycling waste papers to make beautiful papermould dolls. They spend time teaching poor people the art of doll making with wastepaper recycling so that they can make it and earn some money by selling it in the market. 

Sometimes, they enjoy nature by sitting on the riverside and fishing. In the summer season, they sailed paper boats in the river, climbed trees to pluck ripe mangoes, and embarked in the deep meadows to enjoy the flora and fauna of the forest.

One sunny day, they set out to explore the deeper ends of the forest and discover the nature there. While walking through the narrow path, they came across a hidden cave. When they made a way to get inside the cave, they stumbled upon a treasure chest filled with shiny coins and sparkling gems. It was an unbelievable moment for them, and they could not believe their eyes. They started planning to make the best use of the newfound riches in the caves. 

As the sun began to set, Ujjwal’s uncle reminded him that they could use these treasures for the betterment of the poor people of the villages. It would help them set up their own homemade product business. That would make them self-dependent.

After sharing a warm hug, they returned home with the treasure box and their hearts full of joy and contentment. The next day, they distributed the treasures among the needy and poor villagers. Each of the families started some small-scale businesses, and in a few months, their products reached the city markets with Udaya’s guidance. The village’s name and fame reached new heights because of the excellent quality handicrafts, food, and handloom products they made. 

For Ujjwal, his uncle was an inspiration who taught him the art of being kind and helping others for their growth and betterment. The biggest lesson he got from his uncle was to be good to people and surroundings, and they will be good to him.

Ujjwal followed in the footsteps of his uncle Udaya and kept creating cherished memories that would last a lifetime.

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