T for Toy Train – The Story of Tarang

T for Toy Train – The Story of Tarang – The First Trip On Train

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet T

Tarang turned 5 this year. On his birthday, his father promised to take him on a vacation to a hill station named Darjeeling. After taking leave from office, Tarang’s father planned a trip last month after summer vacation, declared in Tarang’s school. Tarang was very excited as it was his first trip, and that was also on a train. It was no less than an adventure for Tarang with his mom and dad. 

On the planned date, Tarang reached the railway station with his parents. His parents held his hands tight, and Tarang smiled when he saw the train entering the station. “Oh! Mumma, the train is so big, and it looked like a big snake entering the station,” little Tarang said with so much curiosity in his eyes. Looking at the curious face, his parents giggled “Yes, Tara… it’s like a big snake, and we will board this snake called Train to reach our vacation destination”, said her mom. There was a bright smile on Tarang’s face. 

Tarang boarded the train and reached the designated seat for them. He took the window seat, and his parents settled the luggage before taking their seat. As the train started moving, Tarang looked out of the window. He saw lots of trees, fields, and houses passing away superfast. He got confused and asked, “How can they move so fast Papa?” His father smiled and said, ” Tara, they are not moving, but the train is moving. So you are feeling they are moving because you are sitting inside.” It was like a colorful movie outside!

Inside the train, Tarang played games with his mom and dad. They shared yummy snacks, and Mumma narrated, some funny stories that made him laugh. He made 2 friends on the train. They were traveling with their families to Jalpaiguri and from there to Darjeeling. After dinner, Tarang shared the bed with Mumma in their coup. The rhythmic movement of the train made him sleep fast.

He woke up in the morning and saw her Mumma and Papa smiling at him. “Good morning Tara. Get up and brush your teeth. We will reach Jalpaiguri station in 20 minutes”, said his Mumma. Tarang freshened up faster with Mumma’s help. Finally, the train gave the final halt at Jalpaiguri Station.

After de-boarding, a question came to Tarang’s mind. Why have they de-boarded the train at Jalpaiguri? The moment it came to mind, he asked his father. Tarang’s Papa said that the vacation spot, Darjeeling is yet to come, and they will take the Toy train to drop at Darjeeling. Tarang didn’t want the train ride to end, so the toy train news made him happy. 

As the toy train started puffing, Tarang peeped out of the window. He saw the lush green tea gardens, foggy mountains, and tiny villages passing by.

It felt like they were in the lap of Mother Nature! The moment came when the toy train dropped them at the final destination, Darjeeling.

Tarang knew he would always recall his first train adventure with his mom and dad. And he couldn’t wait for more adventures together!

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