S for Sandwich – Story of Sunny

S for Sandwich – Story of Sunny – A friendship at the backdrop of Sandwich love

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Little Sunny, was in love with the taste of a sandwich. The love was so much that no other food could impress him to that limit. Knowing about her son’s love for sandwiches, his mother always prepared different sandwiches for him for breakfast. He cherished it every time.

Sunny’s mom loved experimenting with the fillers of the sandwich ingredients to ensure Sunny gets all nutrients and vitamins in enough amounts through the sandwiches.

Some of the sandwiches that remained a favorite for Sunny included Paneer Onion Sandwich, Tomato lettuce cheese Sandwich, Seafood Sandwich, Chicken sandwich, Grilled Cheese sandwich, Nutella Sandwich, Egg Sandwich, Olive Sandwich, Potato sandwich, Cucumber, carrot, tomato sandwich, and many other.

With time, Sunny’s mom became a Sandwich specialist. The popularity of her sandwiches reached so much through word of mouth by Sunny, that many times his friends also visited his place and requested his mom to make sandwiches for them. She happily made it for Sunny and his friends whenever they wanted.

One day, due to some urgent work, Sunny’s mom went out and couldn’t prepare the sandwich for him. Sunny was left with no choice but to try making one for him. He took the bread slices and with a spoon spread peanut butter on one slice and mango jelly on the other.

He was doubtful about the taste, as he watched his mom making it for him, but he never tried it earlier. Very cautiously, he placed a bite on the sandwich. “Yummy,” he giggled in joy, and the combination of butter and jelly gave the sandwich, a delicious taste.

It was his first handmade Sandwich, and he wanted to share it with someone who could taste and compliment him. But there was none at home with whom he could share.

He was sad, and with a sandwich in hand, he sat on the stairs of the porch area. One of the lane dog’s puppies was passing by the house of Sunny and got the smell of the sandwich. It started barking outside the gate of Sunny’s home, and he understood that all because of the sandwich. Initially, he felt hesitant, but after looking at the wagging tail of the cute puppy, he decided to share it with him. 

The puppy finished the sandwich in less than a minute. His expression said he loved it and wanted more. Sunny ran inside. He made another quick sandwich for the puppy and came out. They shared it like true friends, and a new bond was born.

From that day on, Sunny requested her mom to make an extra sandwich to share with his new furry friend.

A Sandwich acted like a bridge between two friends and helped the relationship bloom like a beautiful flower to spread its fragrance in the surroundings.

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