Book Review of Eternals By Nikita Rajpoot

Book Review of Eternals By Nikita Rajpoot- A Journey To the world of Spirituality


Spirituality is present in each one of us in some way or another. But how we visualize it in our life is all that matters. For a few, it’s all about a belief in God and a dedicated contribution to organized religion.

For others, it’s nothing but some non-religious experiences which support them in establishing a connection with their spiritual selves via silent self-reflection, spending moments in midst of nature, dedicated prayer, or meditation. ETERNALS, penned by Nikita, aimed to highlight divine questions about people’s existence.

The Plot of the Book

The author was immensely influenced by the sayings of SHRIMAD BHAGWAT GITA. She made a conscious effort to explain the connection between spirituality and consciousness. Nikita narrated beautifully how in the journey called life our souls remain connected. She used narratives of Lord Krishna that he gave to Arjuna.

There is a difference between Dharma and Biswas (Belief), and the author, in simple language, explained the concept in this book. She mentioned that our faith could change over time, but dharma, remains the same. Dharma remained in practice for ages and will continue. The author gave importance to the fact that as residents of the world, we need to protect our dharma, culture, and everything that our predecessors left for us.  

Who should read this book?

This book is definitely for those having strong faith in spirituality and want to explore it. Are you not inclined to spirituality and still curious to know about it? Then read this book. The conflict between Dharma and Faith does exist. To end this conflict in your mind, pick this book. 

About the Writing style


The writing style is the USP of this book. It made even me, a less religious book reader, fall in love with the book. The language is simple, and the flow is good.

Final Verdict


The attempt the author made to present this subject of spirituality is commendable. I give this book 4 stars for the wonderful presentation on the spirituality.