The Swaraj Spy By Vijay Balan – Book Review

The Swaraj Spy By Vijay Balan – A Tale Of Patriotism, Friendship, And Courage Inspired By A True Story


India’s struggle for independence is a topic that has inspired many authors to write both fictional and true historical accounts to create awareness among the masses.

Recently, I came across one such book that despite being fictional is inspired by a true story of bravery and integrity during those tough times. The Swaraj Spy, penned by Vijay Balan is the heart whelming story of an unconventional freedom fighter.    

Premise Of the Book


Kumar Nair, serving in a British parliamentary unit, refuses the orders to disperse a group of unarmed women, agitation for the freedom of India. As a result, he is dismissed from the unit and he shifts to Singapore where he sets up his fledgling business. But soon WWII breaks out and the resulting Great Depression destroys Kumar’s business.

When Singapore is taken over by the enemy, Kumar moves to Penang, Malaya, and joins a discreet school for spies jointly operated by the Japanese Intelligence and the Indian National Army. Soon after, a double agent from the school betrays several of its students, and Kumar is handed the responsibility of rescuing them. However, both the Japanese Intelligence officers and the leaders of the Indian National Army ask Kumar to follow different instructions. How Kumar fulfills his duties and serves his motherland forms the rest of the story.

Character Development By the Author

The manner in which each character has been introduced in the book and how it is taken forward and developed is truly praiseworthy. The effort and research put in by the author to make the characters look authentic and realistic, shines through in the words and phrases used to describe them.

Plot of the Story

Although the book presents a fictional story it is based on true events and highlights the different ways in which countless unsung heroes contributed to India’s freedom struggle. It paints a vivid image of the struggle of people during pre-independent India. It also highlights the courage and strength of character of people like Kumar, who played a role in helping India become independent in a unique way. 

Writing Style of the Author

The author has used simple language throughout the book and the narration is quite engaging. It helps the readers to visualize an era that most of them have only read about and makes them feel connected to the various characters and situations. The amount of research that has gone into writing the book also becomes evident through the attention to the smallest details paid by the writer.   

The cover page design is beautiful and colorful and sets the right tone for the readers by providing them with an insight into what the book is all about.

Final Verdict


This is a must-read book for everyone and I give it a rating of 4.8/5.

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