Book Spotlight-Commit to Yourself: Break Free

Book Spotlight of Commit to Yourself: Break Free By Nancy Katyal


Book Synopsis

Life is a circus and you are doing a tough balancing act all the time. The only way to be what you want, do what you want, have what you want is to change—change your mindset, your attitude, your actions. If only change was that easy… Commit to Yourself makes embracing change a cakewalk, not a tightrope one. It offers no dense philosophy, no gyaan. It lays out simple but time-tested ways based on pioneering studies in behavioural science and the author’s many years of experience in mentoring thousands of people from all walks of life to change yourself first because all changes—personal or professional— you desire to bring in your life depend on it.

The author explains why your current approach of handling things does not work, makes you understand and overcome your biases and thus create the much-needed mental shift to get you out of your comfort zone. Committing to yourself is not a selfish act, it takes courage.

The author helps you take the first step in that direction by breaking free from what no longer serves you—toxic relationships, and self-destructive thinking and habits. She shows you how to live by your core values; discusses strategies to beat odds, handle regrets and failures; build your muscle of courage and find your authentic self. The various self-reflective exercises in the book help you to accept yourself, love yourself and improve yourself, not just your self-image.

Book Spotlight

‘With her powerful yet simple words, Nancy tells us a story that we all ought to hear. A story about the most important relationship we all have – the one with our own selves. Ignore this book only if you wish to ignore that relationship.’ – Ankur Warikoo, bestselling author

Om Books International is proud to announce the publication of Commit to Yourself: Break Free.

How many times have you been told to place others before your own self? How many times do you prioritize what others need over your own needs? In Commit to Yourself: Break Free, leading executive presence coach and leadership development consultant Nancy Katyal calls for a paradigm shift in your relationship with yourself. Committing to yourself is not selfish. It takes courage. Through simple and time-tested ways based on pioneering studies in behavioural sciences, Nancy provides a step-by-step roadmap to embracing change.

Author Nancy Katyal says: ‘I’ve seen people committed to helping others falling short of committing to themselves. This book will assist you in breaking free from patterns that no longer serve you, build the muscle of courage and fall deeply in love with yourself.’

Ajay Mago, publisher at Om Books International, says, ‘This is the sort of book people need to read to help them make their way out of everything they have outgrown in their lives. We are looking at a potential bestseller.’

Adds the Editor-in-chief of Om Books International, Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri, ‘I am extremely happy to be publishing this at Om and feel that this is essential reading for those who find it difficult to cope with the myriad challenges life throws that necessitate a regular engagement with change.’

About Author Nancy Katyal

Nancy is the Lead Executive Presence & Leadership Development Consultant
She has touched 1 lakh plus lives through her training and coaching programs. Nancy is one of the leading voices in the Corporate Circle. She is also a visiting faculty in top management institutes likeIIM  &  MIT University. 

She has served Fortune 500 companies, Celebrities and Thought Leaders. She has grabbed wealth of praise in leading newspapers, news channels, radio channels and magazines like FORBES for her work. She is also on-board as President, Leadership & Mentoring council, Maharashtra at WICCI
She is a LIMCA Book & GUINNESS world record holder. She is a recipient of several awards including “51 most influential women of the year award” by Brij bhumi foundation, Lokmat Sakhi Sanman Award, Best Speaker of the year award etc. to name a few.

Nancy’s story as an entrepreneur was featured by the TV channel Zee (24 taas) and in the coffee table book “She the change”. She is passionate about enabling people to take their personal & professional self to their highest potential.