Compact Sheesham Wood Square Spice Storage BOX- By Exclusive Lane

Compact Sheesham Wood Square Spice Storage BOX- By Exclusive Lane

The spice storage box that I had all these days recently got damaged while shifting. Thus, I was looking eagerly for another one as I had to make the kitchen functional at the earliest. Also, I had to unpack certain spices and could not leave them in the packets as winter was approaching. I wanted an airtight container with multiple compartments to hold all the basic spices. I was searching online and got the suggestion for this product from Exclusive Lane.

On visiting the platform, I was amazed to find an awesome and massive collection of dining, décor, and other useful items. I soon located a wooden spice box, and it was the exact match of what I required.

The Sheesham Wood Square Spice Box Add Elegance to My Kitchen Interior

The box is handcrafted from Sheesham wood and is brown, the natural shade of the wooden material. The container is square, having eight inches of width and length and height of two inches. The product also consists of a spoon, having dimensions a little less than four inches long. The weight of the item is around seven hundred and twenty grams.

This square spice container has nine equal compartments. Each section is square-shaped with around two inches of length and width and one inch of height. The locking system of the box is made of brass. The box has a clear glass-top cover to see the items inside from atop.

My Experiences of Using Sheesham Wood Square Spice Box from Exclusive Lane

I was delighted to find this product at a reasonable price, and I am happier after using it. The -through effect of the glass cover serves the purpose as I can see which spices need refilling without opening the box repeatedly. Also, sometimes, when I have to choose which spice to add to any recipe, I can do the same only by looking at the box without opening the lid.

What I like best about this product is its symmetry. The box and each section are square and have accurate dimensions. So, they hold adequate amounts of spices. Also, the number of compartments is sufficient to contain all the basic ingredients I require while cooking daily items.

Moreover, the finishing of the Sheesham wood spice box is amazing. It has smooth edges and no rough or sharp edges. So, there are no chances of getting hurt even when I am hurrying with my kitchen work. Also, it is very easy to clean the box, and there is enough space to clean the sections as well. A mildly dampened cloth does the job.

The X factors Of This Magic Spice Box

An added advantage of this product is the spoon that comes along with it. It is of the perfect shape and size to transfer the spices and has excellent finish similar to the box. Another notable point about this spice box is its locking system made of brass. The box locks tightly so all the materials inside are sealed from external conditions, keeping the spices intact.

I highly recommend this product from Exclusive Lane to all as it is the perfect utility to store spices properly and add to the kitchen décor.