Book Review Of The Tiger Throne By Preetha Rajah Kannan

A Book Review Of The Tiger Throne: Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan Retold By Preetha Rajah Kannan


Books about ancient times often hold a great mystical appeal and I was reminded of this recently when I got an opportunity to read The Tiger Throne: Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan Retold.

The book authored by Preetha Rajah Kannan is a translated version of an epic written around the 1950s in the Tamil language.

Premise Of The Book

As Emperor Sundara Chola’s health starts deteriorating, a power struggle commences in the empire with Prince Madurandaka and Prince Arulmozlivarman both looking to inherit the throne.

Things take a turn for the worst when the Emperor is taken hostage by the ruthless Pazluvur chieftains, who support Prince Madurandaka. With the threat of civil war looming over the empire, will Prince Arulmozlivarman attain victory in this dangerous game of power and win the throne?

Character Development

Since the book is a translation, the author did not have to work too hard on character development. However, Kannan must be praised for ensuring that the characters do not lose their appeal and depth and look realistic even in the translated version.

Plot Of The Book

The book tells a tale of political rivalry, romance, and vengeance all woven into an intriguing story. It combines history and fiction to transport the readers into an era of beautiful princesses, disguised princes, and the plotting of evil magicians and master spies. 

Writing Style

The author has used simple language to translate the book and keep it interesting and engaging. Despite its compact size, it maintains a sense of thrill and suspense to the very end.

The cover page design is interesting and colorful and matches the theme of the book perfectly.

Final Verdict

This is a must-read book for people who love a fictional account of historic events and I give it 4.5/5.