Diamonds Are Forever So Are Morals- Book Review

A Book Review of Diamonds Are Forever So Are Morals: Autobiography Of Govind Dholakia

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Most people believe that diamonds and morals cannot be friends to walk the path together. But this particular autobiography about the leading diamond tycoon of the world proves that both do go together. Values hold great prominence in this world and this fact is highlighted in the book. The book offers truly amazing life-learning lessons.


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This is an amazing book that embraces the story of Govind Dholakia, a self-made man. It presents his dreams, philosophy, attitude, motives, decisions, philanthropy, and every other aspect of his personality. The book trails the journey of his life from his struggling days to the juncture where he reached the pinnacle of success. The author remained transparent about the fact that he wished to see people realize that ethics plays a responsible role in success and end-up delivering satisfaction to those who dedicatedly follow such path. It is a completely message-driven book and a source of inspiration for the coming generations. It helps the readers to understand that belief in God and humble efforts always bring tremendous results.

Writing Style

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The writing style of the author is quite good which makes the book extremely interesting to read. It provides a unique perception of positivity and spirituality in a simple and lucid language. The book is segregated into ten different sections and each part helps the readers to gain a better understanding of Govind Dholakia, the man.

Who Should Read It

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I would recommend this book to all readers who like to seek inspiration from great people and follow their path. The book will also prove to be a great read for people who want to implement the principles of righteousness, social service and humility in their journey to success. This is a must-read autobiography for people who want to integrate good values into their everyday work. It is a must-read book for people who love autobiographies and are interested in learning about the lives of the most successful people.

Final Verdict

 This is an exceptional book and I would recommend it to all readers irrespective of the genre they love. I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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