The Angels Of Kailash by Shubira Prasad – Book Review

The Angels Of Kailash by Shubira Prasad – A Perfect Blend Of Mythology And Fiction 

The Angels Of Kailash by Shubira Prasad


Books that offer a proper blend of fiction with mythology are rare to come by. When done perfectly, these books can ensure a great reading experience. Shubira Prasad’s latest book, The Angels of Kailash falls into this category. Even though the book is the second part of a trilogy based on the concept of the war between humans and demons, it is equally enjoyable as a standalone novel. 


The Angels Of Kailash_ Book Review in India
Adheesh, Aishani, and Devnath are the students of a “School of Warfare”, which is destroyed by the asuras. The demons also kill their cherished Guruji, and Adheesh and Aishani, the modern-day warriors with superpowers, watch their school getting destroyed. They didn’t get any time to mourn this loss. Adheesh and Aishani run away towards Mount Kailash, where the Garuda Devta transports the duo two years back into their past. In past Adheesh and Aishani were given the task to look after a group of twenty people from the Gurukul. These people were undead, and they need to nurse them back to life. At the same time, they need to think of a way to avenge the death of their Guruji and save the world.

Character Development

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 The characters are written beautifully, especially those of Adheesh and Aishani. How the characters have been developed as the story progresses is praiseworthy. It makes the readers feel that everything is happening in front of their eyes. They can relate to the pain, anger, and sadness of the characters. 


Book By Shubira Prasad _ Book Review
The Angels of Kailash takes the readers on a journey where they experience the war between good and evil. The book does not provide a single cookie-cutter, stereotypical view of things but tries to explore how they are connected. It is a story with many elements and provides a wholesome reading experience. 

Writing style

Book Review in India
The book has 22 chapters which many people may find too lengthy. However, this helps to ensure that everything is explained in detail to make it more understandable for the readers. The beautiful illustrations that mark the beginning of every new chapter and the constant twists and turns help to keep the readers engaged. The narration is fast-paced, and the language is lucid, which further ensures reader interest. 
The cover page design is simple yet appealing and relates to the context of the book perfectly. 

Final Verdict

 This is a must-read book for people who love mythology tales and I give it 4.5/5.