Book review of The Rathores – One of The Finest Crime Thrillers

Book review of The Rathores By Parvathi Ajith & Tejeshwini Hiremath – One of The Finest Crime Thrillers

The Rathores By Parvathi Ajith _ Book Review


A well-written and exciting crime thriller can be a treat for the readers. The Rathores by Parvathi Ajith & Tejeshwini Hiremath is one such book that sets the right pace of thrill with its horrifying murder and suspense element.


Premise_The Rathores By Parvathi Ajith _ Book Review
Aditya Rathore is found murdered with cuts and jabs covering his entire body. His friend Veer Maheshwari starts investigating the case and finds himself entangled in the dark, buried secrets of the Rathore family. Among the prime suspects is Aditya’s cousin Abhay, who assisted him in his business, and his monstrous grandfather Bhairav, who was unhappy with some decisions made by Aditya. However, little does Veer know that Aditya’s murder is just the beginning. 

Character Development

Book Review in India _ The Rathores
The characters have been well-researched to fit the Rajput background and the local traits. 


The plot of the book is quite engrossing, and it builds suspense with every page. The way the end unfolds and then comes to a standstill adds an edge to the flow of the story.

Writing Style

The Rathores - Tejeshwini Hiremath
The best aspect of the book is that its story is constantly moving and keeps the readers hooked till they reach the end. The smooth narration and the ease with which suspense is maintained across every page of the book also add to its value. 
The cover is extremely simple yet exciting and inspires the readers to pick up and read the book.

Final Verdict

The book is a nice read and once you start it you will leave it only after finishing it. I give it a rating of 4.0/5.