Vastu Tips: How To Reduce House Expenses

Vastu Tips: How To Reduce House Expenses

Finance is one of the key elements for a smooth flow in life. We need to attract money in life in the right way to maintain financial stability. It is a must to reduce unnecessary expenses. 
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Vastu Shastra offers innumerable options which can help in reducing expenses. As per Vastu shastra, your home can get attracted to negativity if the five elements like fire, water, earth, air, and space are not balanced. 

What should you do to restrict your house expenses?

Keep home free from clutter

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It is the duty of every homeowner to keep the home clutter-free. As per Vastu experts, you should keep your house neat and clean. Every room should be free from any unnecessary décor items and household goods. 

Bedroom windows should be kept open

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The bedroom should always remain flooded with natural light and air. Natural light helps to bring positive energy to the house. It is necessary to keep the bedroom windows open for at least one hour daily. It will help to improve cash flow. 

Placement of Tulsi plant

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Vastu Shastra recommends placing the Tulsi plant in the courtyard of the house. It will help in financial abundance in the house. If you can position the Tulsi plant in the north or east direction of the house, it will enhance your self-confidence. Watering the tulsi plant in the morning will also help to increase cash flow.

No broken utensils should be there at home

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As per Vastu Shastra, no broken things should be there in the house as placing these broken elements can enhance the negative energy in the home. To stop the flow of negative energy at home, it is must to remove broken utensils that you possess in your house in any place. As per Vastu experts, many people experience a loss of money. Many a time  it’s due to the existence of broken utensils at home. It can also enhance the financial crisis in the house. 

Placement of fish tank

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Fish Tank not only improves the interior look of your house but also helps in the inflow of cash. It reduces the outflow of unnecessary expenses. So, placing the fish tank inside the house with colorful fish will always attract more money and help develop the financial condition. 

Never keep sleepers in front of the main door

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The main door of a house helps to enter energies in your house. One should restrict entering negative energies at home. If sleepers or shoes are kept just in front of the main door, your house will get attracted to the negative energies.  
It can enhance depression among family members. You may notice that in business you are not acquiring decent profit. Keep a shoe stand to organize the shoes. Keep it covered. 

Remove the clock that stopped working or if it’s broken: 

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A clock is a must to have in the house. It tells us about time. The most inauspicious thing is noticed in the house when you have stopped a clock or a broken one. A person finds it hard to keep up with the times. He lags behind others both economically and socially. Replace broken or stopped watch to enlighten life with positivity. 
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