Sack Me If you wish by Devinder Dhingra – Book Review

Sack Me If you wish – A Guide Book To Manage Job Risk or Loss With Confidence – Book Review

Job Loss- Is not these 2 words very scary? Many experienced the same during the recession in 2008. 

Sack Me if you wish - Book Review in india


I have seen many of my colleagues shown the door at that time. The reason was not poor performance, but recession effects. I can visualize even today, after so many years those faces of depression, anxiety, and heartbreak. Many survived even after that, and all thanks to their future planning that helped. Cases of suicide were also reported in large numbers during that time. Job loss can be for many reasons, and recession is just an example of it. But how to survive after job loss is a lesson to be taught. Pick the book ‘Sack Me If you wish’ by Devinder Dhingra. You will learn the art of survival.

What is the book about?

Job Loss Book Review

The book narrates the story of Aditya. He is working with one of the top-notch firms but is scared of job loss. To overcome the fear of job loss, he visited Pink Slip Green. The firm offers a special service that helps people like Aditya with fear of job loss and politics. The firm is owned by 3 friends who experienced the trauma of Job loss, recession, and politics.

In total 7 sessions were delivered by them to Aditya. It can help any professionals in:

  • In identifying the signs of a prospective chance of job-loss
  • Tactics to manage job loss situations
  • Ways to secure the future in advance for such situations
  • Securing the future to the extent of leading a relaxed life after retirement

Why did I like the book?

Well, the very first reason behind this is that it deals with a subject in which I have expertise. Secondly, I personally witnessed many of my ex-colleagues pass the trauma of job loss. I can relate the advice in this book to those situations. The next reason is that the book offers practical advice and is easy to follow. The language used is simple and easy to capture the true essence of this book.

Sack Me If you wish by Devinder Dhingra - Book Review in India

It is not exactly a novel but a self-help one. The job market in recent times is very fragile, and such books will be of real help to many.

 I would like to congratulate the author on this wonderful work. I am pretty confident it will help many irrespective of job type and experience.

For me, it proved to be a 5-star read.

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