Understanding Narcissistic Abuse: In Intimate Relationships

A Book Review Of Understanding Narcissistic Abuse: In Intimate Relationships By Annu Pandey

In Intimate Relationships - Book Review in India


Narcissistic abuse in intimate relationships is an issue that most authors avoid writing about. Thankfully, Annu Pandey had the strength and the willingness to delve deeper into the issue and try to understand and present it from an entirely different perspective. Her book Understanding Narcissistic Abuse: In Intimate Relationships uses data collected over three decades from thousands of participants to help the victims of such abuse.

Premise Of The Book

In Intimate Relationships - Book by Anny Pandey
 Even though the book addresses the issue of narcissistic behavior in general, it is more focused on such abuse faced by women at the hands of their male partners. The book is divided into four parts with each part setting the tone for the next one. In the first part, the author delves deeper into the personality of narcissists. The second part informs the readers about how to identify such people while the third part focuses on unraveling the dynamics of an intimate relationship with a narcissist person. The fourth part of the book helps the readers to understand the most important facts about being in an intimate relationship with a narcissist. The fifth part is a self-help guide for the victims to enable them to take control of their lives.

Who Should Read This Book?

In Intimate Relationships - Good Book review in India
The book has been primarily written for people who might be facing the issue of narcissism in their intimate relationship or might be doubtful about living with such partners. It is also a great read for people working in the field of mental health and offers guidance and support to victims of such abuse. It can help them gain a better understanding of this major social issue and provide them with tips to deal with the victims in a more effective and empathetic way.  

Writing Style Of the Author

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The book has been written in simple language that is easy to understand. The author has used various scenarios to make it easier for readers to identify whether or not they are suffering from narcissistic abuse. She has also provided references from the religious scriptures of The Bible, The Holy Quran, and The Bhagwad Gita at the very beginning to shun narcissism as a religious sin.
The cover page design is simple yet appealing and relates to the context of the book perfectly.

Final Verdict

 I loved the way that Annu Pandey has dealt with one of the most burning issues that society is facing today and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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