The Curveball By Colby Sharma- Book Review

The Curveball By Colby Sharma : An Inspirational Sports Fiction To Help People Transform Their Lives – Book Review

The Curve Ball - Book Reviews in India


Adversities and challenges form an integral part of our lives and how we respond to them decides our fate. Despite being a challenging topic, this is the theme that Colby Sharma chose for his first book, The Curveball: A Story of Grit, Adversity, and Winning the Game of Life – Let’s do the Book Review in India
The book is inspired by the sport of baseball and tries to convey time-tested wisdom and powerful everyday tactics to help readers overcome the challenges they face.

Book Premise

The Curveball By Colby Sharma- Book Reviews in India
The book narrates the life journey of an incredible baseball player Bryce Holloway. However, he reaches a stage in his career when people no longer cheer for him and he is about to lose everything. It is then that he meets “Spooky”, who helps transform his life by making him aware of the 4 important strategies to follow in life.  
Bryce revisits some key moments in his formative years that help him realize the mistakes he made which have led him to his current position in life. As Bryce learns to transform his fears into moments of accomplishment, he also manages to regain his career and his life.

Who Should Read This Book

The Curveball By Colby Sharma- Book Review in India
The book has been primarily written for people who might be feeling exhausted and drained out and are seeking motivation to transform their lives. It is a highly inspirational book that motivates the readers to move forward in life. It also guides them to overcome the various obstacles they might be facing.
What makes the book truly unique? The book tries to teach important life lessons through a completely fictional story inspired by sports. 

Writing style Of Author

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The language of the book is quite engaging and has a positive impact on the readers. The book follows an organic style of narration and its tone is reliable and relatable.
The author presents the story of the protagonist in energetic, descriptive language. His writing touches the hearts of the readers. Readers can relate to the emotional ups and downs and the determination and spirit of the main character. 
The cover page design is simple. It matches the theme of the book perfectly, making it more appealing.

Final Verdict

I loved how the book offers a perfect blend of fiction and motivation. I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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