Book Review Of Manan By Yasmin Sait

A Book Review Of Manan: Delving deeper into oneself! Penned By Yasmin Sait

Book Review Of Manan


Self help books that focus on females and inspire them to pay attention to their passions, dreams, and well-being are extremely rare. Manan: Delving deeper into oneself!, is one such book penned by Yasmin Sait. The book aims to motivate women to live each day to the fullest through the ups and downs and without letting go of their dreams.

Manan Premise

Book Review Of Manan by Samata Dey Bose

Who Should Read The Book

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The book is not specifically aimed only for women who are above the age of 60 but rather wants females of all ages to think about their choices and priorities. The book is also a must read for women who have forgotten to maintain a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual life in their zeal to maintain the happiness and well-being of those around them.

Manan Writing style

Book reviews in India by Samata Dey Bose
Even though the book features the biographies of truly inspiring women it is written in a  non fiction form and is extremely light-hearted without being preachy or boring. The author has compiled all the information in small and crisp chapters. Each chapter offer vital life lessons and provides important pointers to help readers fulfull the dream of leading a happy and satisfied life.
The cover page design of the book is is simple yet quite appealing and matches the title perfectly besides providing an insight into its theme.

Manan Final Verdict

I loved the unique way in which the book has addressed the most ignored topic of women suppressing their dreams and their passions and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.