Author Annu Pandey- Who Wrote On Narcissistic Abuse

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Narcissistic Abuse- These 2 are strong words and many experiences in their life. But only a few have that guts within to talk about it. Today I am glad to present one such author who penned a book on this serious topic and I, personally found it excellent. Yes, we have with us today Author Annu Pandey. Join me to know more about her through this interview.

1. Welcome Annu. Glad to have you with us today. Please share a brief about you, your family, your education, and your life.

I am an introvert who enjoys hanging out with like-minded, honest, and genuine people. I live with my husband and three wonderful kids. I have a postgraduate degree in Geotechnical Engineering. In addition, I recently completed a psychology degree due to my interest in human psychology and behavior.

2. How does writing come into your life and who is the one to see the spark of a writer in you?

I wrote two stories in my childhood, my then-teenage brother tried to get those pieces published in the newspaper when, but they were never approved. Then, some 9-10 years ago, I authored my first book, an engineering textbook. I wrote my first self-help blog post about 6-7 years ago and was rewarded for it. That incentive motivated me to keep writing. Readers who respond to and like my blogs on my website and social media handles are the ones who recognized a writer in me.

3. Your latest book ” Understanding Narcissistic Abuse ‘ is a very serious topic. Why did you decide to write about it? Is there any personal experience in your life?

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Narcissism, also known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is the most puzzling thing I have ever encountered in my life. Because of its cryptic and complicated nature, it goes undetected and unnoticed in the general population, resulting in the misery of uncountable victims of individuals with these traits or disorders. I feel for anyone experiencing abuse of any kind, but I feel especially for those in dysfunctional relationships since proving abuse in relationships is challenging, especially narcissistic abuse, which is nearly impossible to prove. Narcissists can deceive even therapists, making it impossible for victims of narcissistic abuse to receive support in even a couples therapy system. I want to be a voice for these people who are suffering and help them safeguard against the potential narcissistic abusers in their life by spreading awareness of narcissistic behavior in relationships and aftermath.

4. Based on the subject I can say a lot of research needs to be done to write such a book. How did you do the research and how much time did it take to complete the book?

For some years, I had been reading and investigating narcissism. This book took me seven years to complete.

5. To whom do you want to give the biggest credit to support you in becoming an author?

My dear Lord made it possible for me to become a writer.
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6. Is this your first book? What is your favorite genre when it comes to writing?

This is my first book on self-help. I currently have one technical book on the market and two more in the works. My favorite genre is self-help.

7. Are you a reader too? If yes, then what type of books do you love to read and why?

I love reading books on spirituality, psychology, and motivation.
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8. You are a blogger too… So how different is blogging from writing books?

Writing a book requires extensive planning and brainstorming because it is a lengthy and meticulous process. There are other official measures that must be completed while authoring the book. Blogging is simple. I get an idea, write it down, and publish it within minutes.  Blogging is a more casual and unplanned activity.

9. How and when do you get time to write? Do you have any special corner at home where you sit and write?

I write when I am least needed by my family, which is primarily when the kids are at school and at night when everyone is asleep. Oh yes, I have my office in a separate room where I have my PC, my books, and other stuff.
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10. Annu what else do you love to do other than writing?

I enjoy spending time with my wonderful kids, serving Lord Krishna, and reading.

11. What as per you is the quality of a good writer?

Two good qualities of a writer are “Clarity” and “Persistence”. The clarity for the sake of the readers and persistence for the author’s sake.

12. What makes you feel satisfied when you judge yourself as a writer?

My passion to share with others what I’ve learned via reading, researching, and enlightenment.

13. What is in the pipeline from your end?

I am currently planning a self-help book and writing two academic books.

14. Describe Annu Pandey – In one line.

I am an empathic person who is driven to empower others with her insight and compassion.

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