Unique and Inspiring Games at Mortgage Calculator

Unique and Inspiring Games at Mortgage Calculator

So it is that time of the year again when you sit back and reflect. 2022 was a blend of good and challenging times for me. I always try to spend the phase happily when life unveils its obstacles. One of my companions in this regard is computer games. I love playing them and find them an excellent source of relaxation.

I have played at many portals in the past, but over the years, I found them to be the same. Recently, one of my neighbors was discussing this and told me about a website called Mortgage Calculator. She told me that it is a financial portal with a gaming section worth trying. As I am a fan of this niche, I could not wait to visit the site.

However, before opening the page, I was sure this platform would also be like the conventional ones. But, my preconceived notion turned out to be incorrect on visiting the portal. The page had multiple categories, such as money, real estate, business simulation, software development, etc. The genres were new, unique, and quite different from those on other websites.

The first game that caught my eye was called “Cash Back” under the money games section. I was very excited to play it and did not delay any further to click the button. The initial point that hit me was the peppy background music. It immediately sets one in the mood to continue, and I want to convey kudos to the team behind this aspect.

The game had a tutorial mode to show, and I clicked on Yes to get the hang of it.

The messages were explicit, and I clicked as instructed to understand the mode of playing this innovative game. In a nutshell, the player has to add or subtract the money to pay the change amount. It may seem easy till this part, but the tricky matter is that there is a timer bar. The game is about making maximum sales before the time is up.

The good thing is that the customer shall prompt the change amount, but to add the brainstorming, one may turn this option off.

I understood the game entirely and tried the hard mode straightaway, which contained two decimal points.

I tried clicking on the + and – buttons and realized this game had a challenge. Time ticks and one has to form the correct change by keeping one’s cool. It gave me the feeling of returning changes to shopkeepers or delivery persons by staying calm yet hurrying up.

I could manage only two sales at my first chance, that too with the change amount revealed. I am looking forward to playing this game without the answers shown.

I clicked on Play, and the screen showed the level numbers.

I clicked on 1, and the game gripped me instantly. One has to form a route for the panda to reach the bamboo through the green patches. The player has to drag the arrows to the list and click on When Run to implement the program.

The first level crossed with the help of hints, and I was ready to play the next by myself.

I carefully dragged the correct arrow keys and completed the route. I clicked on the Run button and felt like a programmer. I watched the cute panda going as I programmed it to, giving me a sense of control.

The system praised my “nice work”, and I found a game that I would always look forward to in the future. One thing worth mentioning here is that the player can delete any step if required with the waste bin button.

It was time that I left the screen and got back to my regular schedule, but there was so much I learned from this platform. The first game taught me to stay calm even in tense situations to avoid errors. It holds for simple things like returning change amounts or tough phases in our lives when we have to make crucial decisions. The second game indicated how easy it was to control our minds and actions. Just like the easy steps in the game, one can instruct the mind step-by-step for a better lifestyle. When the world is talking about controlling overthinking and getting past addictions, one only requires the correct programming.

I am delighted that I played these games and eagerly await to play the rest. I highly recommend this platform’s games to all my readers for exploring and learning new things.