The Power of Pen

The Power of Pen: The healing of the soul tapping the Subconscious mind

Our brain is the most complicated yet significant part of our body. It would not be wrong to say that our brains control every aspect of our lives.

The way we think, the way we feel, and the way we act, everything is controlled and monitored by our brains.

The Complex and Fascinating Control Zone: The Human Brain

The human brain is indeed one of the most complex things in the universe. The human brain comes with two distinct yet connected systems: The conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Despite being logical, the conscious mind collects information from our five senses. It helps us to think and rationalize.

Reasoning all through the day is the job of the conscious mind. Surprisingly, the conscious mind, called the logical mind, is not responsible for our actions. The actions we do in our lives are all controlled by our subconscious minds. The emotions that we feel are the gift of the subconscious mind.

Arrival of Writing in Life to Soothe My Pain

Eight years back, my emotions got shattered, and I was clueless about the ways I could heal the pain. I lost my unborn child after carrying the baby for five months. The situation was critical. The doctor could either help save the baby with high medication on me, knowing I would bid adieu after delivery, or take the baby out undeveloped right at that moment to save me. The medical world prioritizes saving the mother over the child, and my husband also supported their decision. I was helplessly lying on the hospital bed and breathing heavily.

I pleaded to my doctor, “Don’t take my baby out, it’s a part of me. Let me die and let my child survive. The baby will keep me alive even after I leave the world.” The doctor’s face looked emotionless. For her, the patient was the top priority, and couldn’t be emotional. My husband came near my bed and hugged me, ” I can’t lose you, and I cannot bring the child up without you. I need you. Please trust yourself, and we will be parents again, have faith. I am with you.” His eyes looked painful, but no tears and I lost my sense after I felt a sharp pinch on my lower spine. Anesthesia pushed! When I opened my eyes, the process was over, and I understood I lost my child.

That was my first feeling of losing someone who is part of me. The pain was unbearable, and consoling me was something that appeared impossible for my better half. But he kept strong as he knew if showed his pain in front of me, he would lose me too.

Crying day and night, remembering the baby was taking a toll on my health, and my husband was worried about me. I can still recall the day when it was raining outside profusely. I was sitting on a bamboo chair, my head lying with an emotionless face on his shoulder, sitting next to me. “Why don’t you pour your pain on a paper and soothe your soul?” his words struck a chord in my mind, and I decided to write, and from that day, I officially started penning my emotions in a diary. An intense feeling of my heart in poetic verse:

Tears reflect as the symbol of our deepest fears,
Even in silence, they narrate our intense emotions,
It whispers the tales of our untold pain,
Tears dance to express sorrow, like a gentle rain.
The droplets paint the face like the silent streams,
Reflecting on broken dreams and shattered screams.
Tears are like rivers and help to erase our fear,
They paint the soul in shades of light to cheer.
Tears, a proof of our souls’ constant fight,
It acts as our guide in the darkest night.

With time, I healed, and life came back on track in a couple of years. I started penning my thoughts, pains, aspirations, dreams, and many more emotions in my diary. But I was unaware of the magic that healed me.

Writing: Healing emotions tapping Subconscious mind

Do you know that Writing (On paper) can be a powerful tool to tap your subconscious mind? I got healed with writing, but how? That I realized a few years back when I observed the changes in my writing patterns, alphabet formations, line gaps, word spacing, and many other changes in my handwriting.

Our deep psyche holds many such beliefs, memories, and instincts, and if we can access it and bring rectification in our handwriting under guidance, it can enhance our creativity and problem-solving skills and will bring self-awareness. That’s where Graphoanalysis and GraphoTheraphy stepped into my life.

Graphology and Graphotheraphy- The Secret Holistic Art

Graphology is the study of your handwriting and the content you pen. If I had been aware of this Physcho science, I could have helped myself several years back to heal faster and do better in life.

Graphology is a subject that analyzes personality traits and cognitive states. It offers in-depth insights into the human subconscious mind. Many consider it as pseudoscience. However, there are countless shreds of evidence to make you believe in handwriting analysis as it offers valuable psychological insights. You will be surprised to know even that many Psychologists and medical practitioners use graphotheraphy to heal their patients.

Embracing the Holistic world of Grapho-therapy

I embraced the holistic world of grapho-therapy and dug deep to discover the flaws, possibilities, and areas of improvement to heal myself. During my journey in this holistic world, I realized the power of writing with pen on paper as that talks about your inner self. Writing on paper (Notebook/ Journal) can be a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery. After becoming a graphotherapist, I helped many people by analyzing their handwriting and content to facilitate emotional release, self-reflection, and personal growth.

Graphology can offer intriguing insights into the subconscious mind. It will help to discover the secrets of your subconscious mind unknown to you. Combining graphology with other psychological tools will guide in understanding of the subconscious mind.

How Graphology and Graphotherapy Transformed My Life

Graphology, helped me get insights about my personality and emotions that I had never recognized in my penned lines on paper. It turned into an awareness tool for me. Graphology helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. But was understanding my traits and uncharacteristic features enough to heal me? Certainly No. And for my rescue and growth, the support of graphotheraphy turned must.

Graphotherapy, the practice of modifying handwriting to influence behavior and empowering manifestation, became my tool for personal growth. By adjusting the formation of letters, spacing, baseline, alignment, and other aspects made positive changes in my mindset and actions.

Manifestation, is the art of believing in yourself and working towards what you want. My manifestation started complimenting my writing. With regular writing, I noticed opportunities and positive changes aligning with my desires. This combination of thoughtful writing and manifestation empowered me to realize a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It guided me toward the path of continuous self-improvement.

My confidence increased, and I felt more in control of my emotions and decisions. It empowered me to transform my life and become optimistic and expressive person.

What Graphotheraphy can do for you?

Enhancing Positive Traits: It Can improve your Self-Confidence and boost your optimistic thought process with a more positive outlook on life.

Reducing Negative Traits: Writing with the support of Graphotheraphy can help you reduce feelings of anxiety. It will offer a calm and soothing effect on your mind and control aggression. It can also help you in treating multiple health issues.

Improving Focus and Organization: Regular writing with clear handwriting can enhance your attention, bring clarity to life, and help you express emotions better with detailing. It will reinforce clear thinking and guide for better decisions.

Emotional Healing: Writing will be a meditative and stress-relieving process for you. Practicing graphotherapy can help you manage stress effectively. It will help you articulate your emotions better, leading to emotional release and healing.

Boosting Creativity: Altering your handwriting in a free-form and less rigid pattern will help enhance your creative thinking and what we, as authors, bloggers, writers, and individuals want in life. It will tap into your subconscious mind and open up for new ideas and insights.

The list of the goodness of Graphology and Graphotheraphy is long, and if you wish to learn this powerful subject or want to consult for grapho-healing to make your life better, healthier, and happier, connect with me. I (Samata) am a certified Grapho healer and coach who can help you make your life better. Will identify the root cause behind your problems through your handwriting and content and offer remedies and corrections. Writing in the right way will heal you. I healed myself, and now it’s your turn. Embrace the power of pen on paper.

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