Book Review Of Unashamed By Neha Bhat

Book Review Of Unashamed – Notes From the Diary of a Sex Therapist Penned By Neha Bhat


Premise: Unashamed

The book discusses the various aspects of sex and sexuality, taking the diverse social and cultural realities of India into account. It also offers valuable insights about the relationship between mental and sexual health. The author has used her academic knowledge and practical experience to advise the readers on issues like self-acceptance and fighting deep-rooted stigmas. She also addresses problems like the complexities associated with emotions of desire, trauma, and shame that most people across India face in this context. Being a queer individual herself, the author has used her rich experience to address the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Writing Style: Unashamed

The author has followed a simple and compassionate style to convey her thoughts and opinions about a susceptible topic. Her succinct and thought-provoking language inspires the readers to explore their sexuality with an open mind. Her writing style is not instructive but helps the readers gain a better and deeper understanding of a topic they are secretly struggling with. It inspires the readers to introspect and leaves a lasting impact on them.                                                                                                             

Who Should Read It: Unashamed

The book is a must-read for people seeking reliable answers to their questions about sex and sexuality. The book will also prove beneficial for youngsters trying to gain a better understanding of the topic. It is also a good book for people who want to enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying life while trying to understand their sexual desires and preferences.

Final Verdict: Unashamed

Unashamed is an extremely well-written book on sex and sexuality that offers professional and reliable advice on the topic. There will be many  to feel if it’s the right book to read to understand the concept of sexuality. And the answer is yes, absolutely it is the book which can give answers to all your queries with perfection. I give it a rating of 4.3/5.0.

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