Sweet Chronicles – A Book Dedicated To Indian Sweets

Sweet Chronicles – A Book Dedicated to Indian Sweets Industry and The authors

Indian sweets, or “mithai,” form an integral part of India’s culinary heritage. No celebration in India or religious feast is complete in  India unless sweets or desserts are served to the guests or as  Bhog to the gods and goddesses in India.  Indian Sweets are known for their rich flavors and cultural significance. Countless varieties of sweets are made in India, either milk-based or flour-based treats. Ingredients like milk, ghee, sugar, and spices create diverse textures and tastes. Each part of this nation is known for its unique sweets with unique specialties, reflecting local traditions. Sweets symbolize joy, hospitality, and the essence of Indian festivities, making them a beloved indulgence for all occasions.


One fine morning, a thought came to my mind:  why not dig deep to find the history of Indian sweets and help it reach people who are still not aware of it, thus how the “Sweet Chronicles: A Journey through the History of Indian Sweets” anthology was born.  19 authors took the oath to make in-depth research on their specific preferred sweet and present a masterpiece to include in this anthology – an initiative by indiacafe24.com.

I take immense pride in introducing my co-authors of this book and their experiences being a part of this book:

The powerhouse of Sweet Chronicles – My Co-Author Gang and their Experience

Sayan Mandal

Sayan Mondal is working as a Software Engineer at an MNC. Routed from the Nadia, he holds a very deep connection with the soil of this land. He is very passionate about Computer, electronics and technology.

He read lots of books and very passionate about Working on Nation Building, contributing a lot on Open-Source Projects and Developing Quality in Education and work for society.

Anasua Basu

Anasua is a professional book reviewer and blogger. She is an affiliate under Amazon. A recognized creator on BORN ON INSTAGRAM with several awards in book blogging and reviewing at national and international levels.

She is a Google certified Digital Marketer with specialization in public relations. Anasua is a budding beta reader with a knack in fashion and modelling.

Dr. Mandira Adhikari

Dr Mandira Adhikari Dubey is a physician, yoga expert and hospital administrator by profession, and a writer and traveller by passion. Her knack for writing travelogues led to her establishing the renowned blog “Docdivatraveller” almost 11 years ago and there hasn’t been any looking back since then.

A mother of two and a wife to a workaholic orthopedic surgeon, Dr Mandira divides her time between her clinic, blog and kids. An avid cook herself, food and style are an integral part of her travel blog. Explored 25 countries so far, her target is to complete 100 nations.

When not working, mommying or traveling, she feeds her creative soul with interior decoration and photography.

Meetu Nadir

Meetu is a freelance content writer and also have a deep interest in creative writing. Her work fulfills her passion to learn about new things and also create content for clients from different backgrounds. In her free time, she likes to listen to old Bollywood hits, read fictional books, and when possible, travel to new places.

She is not very good at expressing her emotions verbally, so writing provides her a way to vent her thoughts and feelings. She is also a foodie and love to explore dishes from different cuisines and cultures. But, most importantly, she is an explorer who loves to play with words and create something meaningful and useful.

Sandy & Vijay

Sandy & Vyjay are couple travel bloggers and writers. They manage a travel blog called Voyager. Voyager is one of the top travel blogs focused on original and quality content. They received the Best Travel Writer award in 2019. Their blog focuses on Luxury Travel, Family Travel, and Culture Travel.

 They write about various destinations in the world, travel tips, hotels and resorts and responsible and sustainable tourism.

Sindhu Vinod Narayan

Sindhu is a freelance writer, content creator on Instagram and YouTuber, she juggles a lot of roles. She’s a bibliophile and loves to read books of all genres. She reviews books for renowned Publishers across the Country.

She creates content on Fashion, beauty, books and parenting. Her blog thatmadrasmom is a one stop point for information that every mom in her 30s would need be it fashion, skincare, hobbies and product recommendations. 

Ruchika Mittal

Ruchika Mittal is a gold medalist in M.Sc. Computational Biology with over three years of experience in technical content writing and consulting.

She has a proven track record as a social media marketing strategist, enhancing ROI, and is an expert in business communication.

Ruchika has led multidisciplinary teams, managed client relations, and ensured the delivery of projects end-to-end. Her technical prowess extends to Python, MySQL, and various tech tools, making her adept at content strategy, creation, and optimization.

Anjali Tripathi Upadhyay

Anjali Tripathi Upadhyay, a mother of two and the founder of Messymom.co, balances her roles as a copywriter, content strategist, and blogger with finesse. 

Originally from India, now residing in Oman, she skillfully juggles crafting advertisement copy for clients and weaving engaging narratives for her blog. In her blog, you’ll find a beautiful touch of quirkiness, mirroring her unique perspective.

Her journey as a mother in the demanding world of copywriting and blogging reflects her belief in the power of mental health awareness, advocating for balance and mindfulness amidst life’s chaos. She believes in the power of words to heal and inspire.

Her journey reflects a commitment to creativity and mental well-being, balancing both her personal and professional growth.

Lalita Rajput

Lalita Rajput is working as a content writer for last 8 years…Currently she is pursuing her PhD and is a proud mother of two daughters.

Her opinion towards the life is that life is not a destination it is a journey in which you learn new things in every moment. She   believes that if you know nothing, it is not a crime, but to have a tendency to learn something is valuable.

Ambica Gulati

Ambica Gulati fell in love with the art of writing when she started her career as a correspondent in a magazine 25 years ago. She has worked as a senior editor in magazines such as Swagat (Air India’s inflight magazine), Outlook Traveller, Life Positive; written for newspapers such as Patriot, The New Indian Express; authored illustrated books for children on famous monuments of the world.

She single-handedly brought out three coffee table books on CSR for Outlook Group, even ran a publishing house. Skilled in photography, videography and blogging, she created a multi-genre blog queenoftreasures.com. where she pens heart-touching stories.

Monidipa Dutta

Monidipa is a blogger who loves putting words together and is introverted. In the day, she has a job, but she likes to keep work and life separate. Reading is her thing – she really enjoys it. When she is not working or reading, she is writing. It’s like her own little adventure.

Paganini’s violin music? She absolutely loves it! It’s like her go-to tune. And when she gets some free time, which isn’t often, she likes to kick back and watch web series. Life’s a mix of work, words, and a bit of Paganini’s magic for her.

Kanchan Singh

Kanchan – the literary wizard who dances with words and waltzes with spatulas! When she’s not expertly crafting content or dissecting books like a word surgeon, you can find her in the kitchen, turning pots and pans into her own symphony of flavors. As a content writer, Kanchan weaves words into tales more enchanting than a kitchen full of dancing spices.

Her book reviews? Well, they’re more dramatic than a food critic discovering a secret spice in a gourmet dish – each critique is a masterpiece of wit and humor. But wait, there’s more! Kanchan, the book editor, approaches manuscripts with the precision of a sous chef preparing the perfect soufflé, turning rough draft drafts into literary delicacies.

In Kanchan’s world, every book is a culinary adventure, and every meal is a chapter waiting to be devoured. So, whether she’s stirring words or stirring a pot, Kanchan is the culinary wordsmith who adds a dash of humor and a pinch of wit to both literature and life into literary delicacies.

Nikita Rajpoot

Nikita Rajpoot continues to be recognized as a poetess from her debut Hindi poetry book,Goonj. Her creation Sangam, is a compilation of Hindi poetry and the first anthology by the poetess which proved a successful effort in making a contribution to Hindi literature. She published this book to enlighten Hindi literature and to encourage budding poets. Her interest and love for literature gave her a distinct identity of being the founder of a literary platform,Towards Literature, which is the first official literary platform of Panipat.

Her third book is noted as the second anthology of Hindi poetry by her. She envisions promoting literature to a great extent to explore its vast scope. She firmly believes she is nothing without the grace of God and seeks His mercy for advancement in her spiritual life. Her latest book, “Eternals” proved a bliss in her writing career. It hit the Top #40 & #49 Ranks on the Amazon Kindle Store under the category Religion & Spirituality, which means it made space for itself in the Top 50 Bestsellers. Perpetual strides of Eternals are winning the hearts of readers.

Ritu Bindra

Ritu Bindra a.k.a. Bohemian Bibliophile specializes in branding, print, and web design. For over two decades, her boutique design agency has been assisting brands and businesses across five continents.

She believes that design is not a way to make something look pretty, but a tool to deliver information effectively. She shares her thoughts on books recently read, lesser-known books that deserve more love, and topics she feels strongly about on her blog bohemianbibliophile.com.

Huma Masood

Huma Masood is a stock market trader with a background in market research analysis. She writes short stories, articles, and poetry for websites (including Penmancy, Women’s Web, YourQuote) and anthologies.

Her stories convey a fresh perspective on the world. Visit www.humamasood.com to learn more.

Kiran Kumar Adharapuram

Kiran Kumar Adharapuram is an ecstatic techie with 12+ years of experience currently outperforming as a ‘Senior IT Consultant’ in one of the leading top-notch IT companies. He has ample technological knowledge expertise and decent IT certifications under his belt plus impactful mastery of database knowledge of market-led providers.

Without limiting himself to a vicious “9-5” job, he extended his arms towards his passion to become a successful Bibliophile, Bookstagrammer, Blogger, Social Media Freak, Book Reviewer, Casual Writer, Spiritual Believer, and Occasional Journalling Practitioner.

Jui Mandal

Jui Mandal is a professional content and blog writer from Kolkata, West Bengal. Besides having professional knowledge in Finance, she also loves exploring new things and expressing them in her own words.

She has been working as a freelance content writer for the last eight years and has worked with many reputed companies.

Madhu Bindra

Her podcast channel is ranked among the top 10 home cooking podcast channels worldwide. An interior designer and an army wife, she believes food should be simple and easy to cook. She shares recipes from her kitchen (and those of her mother) on her blog MadsCookhouse.com and her YouTube channel.

We are already in the mode of planning for the Next anthology by Indiacafe24.com

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