Top 5 Books By Indian Publishers That Are Excellent For Children’s Reading

Top 5 Books By Indian Publishers That Are Excellent For Children’s Reading

Reading is an essential part of every kid’s life that decides many growth parameters. Children learn to focus, be stable, and develop a love for reading that can help academically. Furthermore, reading is an excellent way to improve vocabulary and language skills.

Even so, reading conventional content may not be attractive to this advanced generation. Children presently have curated different tastes concerning reading books. Many Indian publishers have maintained this interest of the youth by producing brilliant material. Please read on to learn the top five books written by Indian authors that children would love to read and own.

Maharani The Cow; Author: Christy Shoba Sudhir; Publisher: Tulika

A cow standing in the middle of the street and resulting in paused traffic is a typical scene that children can relate to. So, this book is a fantastic choice for children till six years. It is about a cow’s life amidst a busy city and has colourful illustrations to pair.

Your Turn Now; Author: Lubaina Bandukwala; Publisher: FunOkPlease

The author beautifully presents the real stories of numerous people who showed their acts of kindness. Preteens can learn a great deal about the significance of this moral value from this book.

The Mystery of the Secret Hair Oil Formula; Author: Asha Nehemiah; Publisher: Scholastic

This book is filled with comical narratives about a girl and her weird group of friends. The team is going to attend the World Herbologist Conference and try to save their secret formula from a suspicious being. Children in the early years of school will have a hilarious time reading this book.

Padma Goes to Space; Author: Shwetha Prakash; Publisher: Tulika

This book is about the young Padma, who has fantasized about celestial space in her mind. Her dreams comprise chocolate, fruit juices, and ice creams that preschoolers will love diving into.

Simply Nanju; Author: Zainab Sulaiman; Publisher: Duckbill

Nanju is a specially-abled child and studies in a school dedicated to these angels. Books start disappearing suddenly in the class, and everyone suspects Nanju of this nuisance. However, Nanju joins hands with the intelligent Mahesh to unveil the truth. The simple and innocent language and the sensitive storyline makes it the best content for middle schoolers.

Reading books is a fantastic way to improve language and enhance imagination. Visualization is a technique coming up in all spheres today, and books can be the best companion in this regard. Parents can help their kids discover their choices and can pick some books mentioned in this list above.

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