A Price to Love by Smita Das Jain – Book Review

A Price to Love by Smita Das Jain- A realistic love story flavored with friendship


LOVE- is that only an emotion or something much beyond that? To me, love demands devotion, sacrifice, and the spirit to make it a success. There is a vast difference between Infatuation and Love. Many people mistake infatuation for love and realize it quite late when things are difficult to change.

 Eternal love is something people witnessed during the eras of Rajas and Maharajas… but now it’s rare to witness. 

A Price to Love by Smita Jain offers a love story that connects us to reality which many forget while falling in love. Sadly, the definition of love in the current time is very different from the one we used to believe a few years back.

Story Plot Of A Price to Love

Sameep and Sonia remained friends and had a decent period of courtship before getting married. They are now married for 4 years, but somehow, they are missing the spark they had during courtship and initial years of marriage. Samdeep made the best possible effort to mend things between them and requested several times to Sonia to invest time in their relationship. Careerist Sonia is more inclined to professional life than personal. 

Yes, she is an independent and bankable asset for the corporate world. But is she perfect as a homemaker? She missed the fine line one should have between professional and personal life. It is where the problem started. Samdeep started doubting if there was something called love between them or not. Sonia is a practical and straightforward individual who loves to call a spade a spade. 

If love is missing, she turns her head off that relationship, and the same happened with her. She got attracted to colleague Rishabh who is also in an unhappy marriage and looking for love. Will Sonia leave Samdeep and hold Rishabh’s hand for a new beginning in life? To know it’s a must to read the story. 

Writing Style of A Price to Love

I am habituated to the unique writing style of author Smita Jain as I read earlier books too. Smita beautifully presented the reason behind Sonia’s point of view about life and especially towards love. 

The plot was beautifully developed and later unravelled with a balance with parallel timelines. What I liked the most is the climax. No extra effort was made to deliver a happy love-angle ending. The writing style was smooth and lucid. It is what that kept me as a reader hooked till the end.

Character Developments in A Price to Love

The character of Sonia, I found highly realistic. I am confident about that because I witnessed not just one but three such cases in my corporate life, which I never imagined earlier, can happen. Sonia is a strong-headed girl, though confused and messed up between her career and personal life.

Sameep is typical husband material but affectionate. Rishabh, I found a more mature and farsighted person, although unhappy in married life. Overall, all the characters are very well developed, and hats off to Smita for making each one realistic.

Final verdict A Price to Love 

Considering the realistic plot, great storyline, well-developed characterizations, and brilliant writing style… the book deserves a perfect 4/5. I, wish Smita immense success with this book.