Book Review-One Way To Love By Andaleeb Wajid

Book Review of One Way To Love By Andaleeb Wajid – A Simple And Engaging Saga Of Relationships


Most love stories end when the couple gets married after overcoming the various hurdles and challenges aimed at keeping them apart.

However, Andaleeb Wajib’s book, One Way To Love approaches the topic from an entirely different perspective. The book presents a romantic tale with a bit of family drama and other emotions to make it an interesting read.

Premise – One Way To Love

Yusuf Hasan is a poor man who lives with his three daughters in a dilapidated old haveli, named Jasmine Villa. His eldest daughter Tehzeeb works in an NGO after having completed her education. One day, a sudden meeting with his old college friend, Bakhtiyar Ahmed, ends in the two older men arranging the marriage of Tehzeeb with Ayub, Bakhtiyar’s only son. Not only do Tehzeeb and Bakhtiyar have completely opposing backgrounds, but neither of them is thinking about marriage right now. Despite that, sparks fly between the couple during their first meeting itself, and by the time they get married, they are halfway in love. However, Ayub’s lavish lifestyle and the expectations of her demanding mother-in-law threaten the relationship of the young couple and almost bring them to the brink of separation.   

Character Development – One Way To Love

The author has done a great job of creating realistic characters by depicting their thought process and emotions in detail. In addition to the two main characters of Tehzeeb and Ayub, the characters of Ana, Athiya, Maria, and Aafreen have also been well-developed. I especially loved the fact that none of the characters have been presented as villains but rather as humans with various shortcomings.  

Plot – One Way To Love

The book is the first part of the Jasmine Villa series, a collection of three books detailing the love life of the three daughters of Yusuf. Even though the book presents a classic romantic tale of a rich boy and a poor girl falling in love, it comes with a major twist. 

Writing Style – One Way To Love

The author has used a simple writing style to present the various emotions and drama of the storyline realistically. The fast-paced narrative which offers a perfect mix of both modern and traditional values, keeps the readers engaged and entertained till the very end.  

The cover page design is beautiful and flowery, reflecting the refreshing idea of love the author has tried to present.

Final Verdict: One Way To Love

One Way To Love is a simple yet entertaining love story that stands apart in various ways and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.