40 Easy Breakfast Recipes By Madhu Bindra- Book Review

 40 Easy Breakfast Recipes- Yummy collection of recipes for the perfect breakfast mood


Cooking, as I always said, is an art. It demands equal attention and devotion as any other creative work we do. In my childhood days, I saw my mom cooking different dishes, which attracted me a lot. It will not be right, if I miss taking the name of another person whose chicken recipe I still found the best in the world. Yes, it’s my dad. Being a naughty child, my target was always to try something new, and that too in the absence of my mom. 

Well, thankfully that gave me the confidence to survive and cook when I went to a hostel at 18. The cookbook genre is a segment that offers me a different level of satisfaction. 40 Easy Breakfast Recipes by Madhu Bindra is one such book that not only taught me amazing recipes but also made my mornings easy in the kitchen for breakfast.

What makes this cookbook so interesting?

Every morning the big question that wakes me up from bed is what to prepare for breakfast. It may sound weird. But that is the problem of every mom or wife in Indian houses. I am no different, although I love trying new recipes, mornings are not for that. 

You need to be alert about the nutritional factors and taste to ensure your family enjoys it without compromising on health factors. Madhu Mam’s book is like a savior for such homemakers/working women and offers 40 recipes to turn your breakfast preparation easy and yummy.  

This year, I’ve found myself attracted to cookbooks, that are written in simple language with easy-to-follow instructions. Madhu Mam’s book is undoubtedly one of the best I have read this year.

Why did I love this cookbook?

Starting from the classic English breakfast to pancakes to smoothies to Dhoklas to idlis to paranthas, you will get many more. There is something or other for everyone. Reading the book, you will experience the passion and love the author is having for cooking. 

The book is available on Kindle. It makes it easy and handy to follow the instructions while working in the kitchen. The images of the dishes are also taken in a very captivating way to add a smile to every reader’s face. Each recipe is simple and easy to go, and that is what is unique about this book. It gives the vibe that it’s straight from the heart of a mom chef who loves cooking and does it passionately to make her family happy. 

Those who know me are aware that I hold a special soft corner for the Home chefs who are our moms, sisters, daughters, and in many cases our dads, brothers, and husbands. I already made up my mind that I will teach cooking to my son. Well, that’s important for being independent in life and also to make a family happy with sharing of responsibilities. And this book will be the best pick to introduce him to the cooking world.

Who can read this book?

If you love cooking, need some good recipes to entertain your guests or family, or want to make a simple, yummy, and healthy breakfast for all… This book is for you. 

Final verdict

40 Easy Breakfast Recipes is a simple yet yummy collection of breakfast recipes. The book is worth a read, and I give it a rating of 5/5.