Rose: Do You know About The History Of This Flower

Rose: Do You know About The History Of This Flower

Do you know which flower is known as the queen of the floral world? Yes, you guessed it right. As what can it be other than the floral queen ROSE.
A king-sized population of the flower lovers prefers to go with Rose, when they plan to gift someone or even when they expect a floral bouquet from others as a gift.


But how many of you know that there are some unique facts about this flower which many dont know.

Rose and its botanical name:

A rose is a perennial plant; it belongs to the genus Rosa and comes in the family of Rosaceae, and the scientific name of roses is Rosa rubiginosa. In the world, over three hundred species and tens of thousands of plants are cultivated. Roses are cultivated in various societies, and people also love to grow them at their home balconies.

It is easy to hybridize species of roses that will create a wide range of varieties of roses that will develop a range of Rose’s garden. It is the most lovable flower in the world.

How different species of roses got their name?

According to the American Rose Society, one of the reports says, which sets some rules with the registration committee, the breeder of a rose gets the name of the rose species. However, Marily Young, one of the committee, members says that the committee required a letter of approval from the person who gave the name to the Rose.

What are the unknown facts of this blooming beauty?

We all know Rose is the oldest flower, and we mentioned its history somewhat in the points mentioned earlier, but here we will know its more properties and its value in the entire world. Here we will also see some hybrid species of roses how and where grown successfully.
  • Its origin is in Central Asia, and Fossils records say that the rose is the oldest flower. It may be true that this flower originated in Central Asia, but now it is grown in the entire northern hemisphere.
  • The cultivation of roses started around five thousand years ago, maybe in China. When was the Roman period, it grew mostly in the Middle East. They developed various public rose gardens in South Rome, so they used rose for medicinal purposes and in perfumes as a base ingredient.

  • The world’s oldest Rose managed to survive during world war II, and the name given to that Rose is the Rose of Hildesheim. So we also can say it thousand-year rose that is the oldest living rose on the earth.

  • In the 16th century, when Mughal emperors came to India, they brought it to India by loading many roses on camels. Moreover, Baber, the first emperor of Mughal, brought to damask rose in India.
  • Rose oil is beneficial for humans; it cures various diseases; when added to medicines, around 2,000 roses are used to get 1 gram of rose oil.
  • The Rose Valley in Bulgaria produces around 85% of the world’s rose oil because roses cultivated here over the decades.
  • The Holy Bible shows the existence of Rose for decades.
  • Now there are many colours of roses has been grown but in 2004 there was the time when 1st time we got blue rose due to hybridization. After it, the researcher has been completed many projects on rose hybridization and grown many species and colours of roses.

  • A famous rose breeder Austin sold his Rose Juliet Rose in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show, and it is the most expensive rose ever developed.
  • One of the small Rose names given is Overnight Scentsation was taken in space by the team of researchers to know the gravity impact on the rose smell.

  • Rose has been the national flower of the United States since 2oth November 1986, and President Ronald Reagan declared this. It comes in a very dark red shed and looks like a black Rose.
  • Some Greek Mythology exists related to the origin of Rose that the Goddess of Love cried over the blood of her dear one and from the tears of Goddess rose grown.
Due to social bondage in the 18th century, a special kind of language has evolved, that was rose language. Rose language was the medium of communication between the lovers; through it, they can express their love and admire the beauty of their loved ones. The bright shade of Rose was perfect at that time, which explains love emotions completely.