5 Simple Tips For Caring Your Dry Skin This Winter

One of the exciting seasons on this earth is winter which is enjoyed and loved by people across globe. We believe winter to be amazing but for our skin it appears to be a season with worst features as it dries up the skin very badly.
We are offering 5 tips for your dry skin this winter:
Avoid taking steamy showers:
Winter bath
We know that steamy showers give relaxing feeling especially on the winter season but it is responsible towards dehydrating your skin. It takes all moisture out of the skin making it absolutely dry and broken. Hot water will remove the oil from the skin. So what’s the solution? Looking for the solution? Let your shower be of short duration with warm water. Don’t make the mistake of rubbing the skin, after that just go for pat dry technique.
Use of Soap:
winter skin care
We are sure you will love to use deodorant or antibacterial soap for a refreshing experience after bath. But are they good for your skin? These soaps are best to erase of all essential oils from your skin and you should avoid it. Use mild soap and soap with glycerin to take care of your dry skin.
Moisturizing the skin:
Once you are through with your bath, apply moisturizer on your skin. In winter skin fast loses its moisture and so it’s important to apply vitamin enriched moisturizer to keep the skin soft and smooth. Make sure to take at least 6 glass of water minimum to keep the inside body moisturized.
Apply sunscreen:
winter sunscreen
Many of us don’t know the fact that even in winter season the sun rays are capable to penetrate up to 80% in comparison to summer through clouds. Applying sunscreen is must as if the same is not done then your skin may face wrinkles, moles and even rash.
Make your lips feel soft:
winter lip care
One of the sensitive areas of the body – Lips. It needs special care as there is no oil gland present on lips. Avoid licking the lips as this will make it dry and cracked. Apply lip balm and cover you face when you are out in the winter to protect it from chilling winds.
The 5 simple tips for your winter skin care will surely make you and your skin feel happy this winter. Enjoy