Confused Bastards By Manav Vigg – A Book Review

Confused Bastards By Manav Vigg – A Book Review



  • Publisher: Srishti Publishers And Distributors

  • Publication Year: 2016

  • ISBN-10: 9382665773

  • ISBN-13: 978-9382665779

  • Pages: 224

  • Rating: 4.0 on 5

 4 stars

Confusion is a state of mind and this is exactly what the front cover of the novel Confused Bastards, written by Manav Vigg tries to tell. When I first received the book I assumed it to be a tale of dilemma related to love or even a mystery trail, more so because the image on the cover appeared as a puzzle waiting to be solved. But only when I read the whole book did I understand the essence of its cover page.
Confused Bastards tells the tale of three friends, Akash, Jai and Vivek who are constantly trying to fight off the cruelty of the world they live in and also resolve their innermost conflicts. The trio, in a bid to show their capabilities, commences a start-up that is quite unlike anything that anyone has come up with. Their start-up provides an online platform where people can unleash their anger about almost anything, including, politics, lovers, bosses, social taboos etc, in the form of video messages uploaded on the site. The start-up gains immense popularity and every success has its own price. But are the three friends ready to pay the price of their success?
Manav Vigg has managed to capture two very important aspects that influence the life of modern day youth through this novel. The first of these is obviously the fascination with startups, which has become a popular career choice amongst the youth. The second stems from the authors personal desire to live in a world where strong friendship, freedom of expression and an easy going life prevail. The author has used a simple and easy language to weave an intriguing plot into a lucid tale. The buildup of every character has been done in a nice manner and adds to the literary value of the book.
I wish Manav Vigg great success for his book and future endeavors.