Sadhguru Ramesh Ji- BusinessMan Who Turned Spiritual Author

There are very few authors in India who managed to pen down a meaningful book on spirituality which interests common readers. Sadhguru Ramesh Ji is definitely one among them. We are lucky enough to have him with us in this wonderful session. Continue reading to know this amazing man
Hello Sir, welcome to the platform of indiacafe24. We are pleased to have you with us this season. Please share few glimpses of your education, childhood, family and profession.
Hello, Thank you for having me on Indiacafe24. My childhood was quite an entertaining one as I had 3 siblings and we used to fight a lot with no seriousness in studies. After completing my Bachelors in Commerce, I joined my father in our family business. I was always very aggressive in Business with high growth targets and wanting to achieve name and fame for myself. I was very active socially and had held high-level positions in multiple All-India Industrial associations. My present family consists of my father, my wife (fondly called Guruma), my children and 2 grandchildren. Four generations staying under one roof is fun and filled with life.
You are recognized as a new age spiritual guru…please share the journey of Sri Ramesh Jain to Sadhguru Ramesh ji.
I was waiting for you to ask this question <Haha>. While I was achieving great heights in Business, I had zero interest or belief in religion or spirituality. I was focused only on achieving my materialistic goals and roaming around the world. In fact, you could say that I was an atheist. While I used to accompany my wife to temples but never go inside the temple. When she would ask me to come inside the temple, mu usual reply used to be if the Supreme is restricted inside the temple, then I have no interest in him. And, if HE is outside too, then I need not go inside. With this clarity, there came a point in my life, after having achieved all that I wished to achieve (success in business, roaming the entire world and recognition all around), where I asked myself “What Next?” At this point, I was strongly contemplating the purpose of my birth and surely it couldn’t be just achieving materialistic goals. And so, my spiritual journey started in pursuit of the answer to “What Next?”
Please share your learning journey under the supervision of Shri Rajendra Brahmachari Ji.
My Maternal Uncle, Rajendra Brahmachariji was a baal brahmachari. I would always take his blessings, but there was no pull towards him while I was immersed in the materialistic word. But he sensed my quest of “What Next?” and almost forcibly made me meditate while uttering a mantra in my ear. The meditative experience was so divine that it left me craving for more. And then, there was no looking back. Shri Rajendra Brahmachari ji took Guruma & me under his tutelage. He made us practice hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, kriya yoga through severe penance. This was the stepping stone on our path to salvation, and for this, we are forever grateful to Shri Rajendra Brahmachariji.
Share something about your learning from Swamy Sri Poornananda who gave you knowledge of pure consciousness.
Shri Rajendra Brahmachariji had once told me that he himself would attain enlightenment after 2 more births and I would take at least 3 or 4 births more in attaining the ultimate state. I was not convinced about this, as I had a firm belief that whatever needs to be achieved, could be achieved in this birth itself. And, right then, through a divine coincidence, we met Swamiji Sri Poornananda. Swamiji imparted highest gyana in the simplest and purest form. Actually it was not gyana but he used to grace us with the spiritual state hidden in the gyana. Eventually, Swamiji showered his grace on us and established us in the eternal highest state of enlightenment.
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You penned down your first book “Soul Selfie” where you revealed the secrets of living a soulful existence independent of the body. Say something about your book.
Soul Selfie is not just a book, but it is my heart that I have opened up. The book reveals my spiritual journey from start to finish. We live in a time where the physical body’s selfie is given utmost importance. We forget to acknowledge the Soul, which is different from the physical body. Instead, we should, time and again, look inward and keep taking Soul Selfies. Most people are also under the impression that one must sacrifice many things to achieve the ultimate state. But I have myself experienced that it is not so. I firmly believe One can evolve (spiritually) while involving ( in the world) and involve while evolving.
Rajkumar Hirani, the film director appreciated your work as an author and the way you narrated everything in the book. How did it feel getting such appreciation?
It felt nice. I am too an admirer of his movies like 3 Idiots, PK & Munnabhai.
You founded Poornananda Ashram, share something about the activities of this ashram.
This Aashram in Hyderabad is a small token of gratitude towards Swamiji. It was our desire to pass on his teachings to as many people as we can. The Aashram, now 4 years old, and is spread over 5 acres, with a dedicated Meditation Hall (Dhyanashala), a Satsang Hall (Gyanashala), a dining hall (Annapoornashala) and over 30 Air Conditioned Guest Rooms. We regularly conduct Satsangs, Corporate Workshops, Q&A sessions, weekend spiritual retreats and celebrate all major festivals in the Aashram. We also organize annual spiritual retreats in Rishikesh and Bangalore.
You are a columnist with some of the leading dailies of the nation, so how you feel or experience the support of media in promoting spirituality among the mass.
I am happy the way media has been supporting us in taking our life-changing concepts to the public at large. The media plays a very strong role in conveying messages and changing many lives which are suffering due to their ignorance.
What else you love to do in life or better to ask what your other passions in life?
My only passion is to enlighten as many people as possible. People have a misconception about spirituality and enlightenment. They think it is only for celibates, old retired people and for those who are ready to forgo worldly aspirations and family. We are successfully breaking this myth. I love to pass on the joy to others around me and help others to spread the same around them. I practice and preach unconditional love to all beings in the creation. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu (May all the beings be happy). We have recently launched a worldwide campaign called “Clean the Cosmos”. Through this, we wish to empower the cosmos with positive vibrations and reduce violence, hatred, jealousy in this beautiful world.
What next in the pipeline for the readers from you?
Another 3-4 books are in the development stage.
Please share a few words for the people who wish to contribute to the world of spirituality just like you to make it a better place to stay.
Spirituality should be like the icing on the cake while the cake is the world. Let everyone follow good spiritual practices and concepts to make lives more joyful and peaceful. It is easy to be spiritual and not so easy to be worldly as we are products of spirituality only. Spirituality is in our genes. It is simple, practical and entertaining.