Kevin Missal The Mythology Specialist – An Interesting Chit Chat Session

If you are a fan of Mythological stories then reading Kevin Missal books are a must for you. He is a different type of writer,  and as a book lover, I must say you will love it too. It was a grand moment for me when I convinced Kevin for this interview. Just check out  what he shared with  me about his journey
1) Welcome, Kevin! It’s a pleasure to have you on Our readers would surely want to have a sneak peek about you … please share a brief about you, your education, and your family.
My full name is Kevin Solomon Missal. I am a History graduate from St Stephens College, an army kid as well since my dad was into Black Cat Commandos. I am 24 years old and I’m a full-time writer and now an entrepreneur.
2) Which authors and their work inspired you the most?
Brandon Sanderson.
3) Can you recall that moment when you first realized that there is an author within you? Or was it someone else who discovered the author in you?
I was reading a chapter of Oliver Twist when I was around 12 years old when I realized – “oh wow, if he can write it, so can I.”

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4) We can call you a Mythology specialist! Why Mythology and no other genre?
Probably because it gives me room to interpret. Hindu mythology is so beautiful that it gives me the freedom to do and say through the lens of history and our culture.
5) Please share with our readers more on The Kalki Trilogy. How did the Trilogy come about and how did you develop the concept and the plot?
I was always fascinated with Star Wars when I happened to read Kalki Puran. And around that time my father had seen Bahubali, so he was like “write something like that”. I was enamored by the concept and I tried to join both but also incorporate a lot of life lessons from the Puran too.


6) At such a young age, you became a full-time author. How difficult (or easy) it is for a young full-time author to survive?
It’s quite difficult if you aren’t a fast writer and if you aren’t financially smart. Also always remember your investment in a book is an ongoing process and it doesn’t end after the first book. All I’m saying is – when I got my first advance, I spent it left to right and center on my book promos but there’s also a limit you should spend.

7)  The conflict between the publishers and authors is very common. Have you faced such a problem while finding a publisher for your book?
Not really. Finding a publisher is tough probably because they don’t want you for several factors. Initially it was just that no one knew me and now it’s that I’m quite expensive or there’s some politics. I just choose to ignore all of this and write. I always believe that the worst thing in writing for me could be that I can go back to square one. And to be honest, I don’t mind that at all.
8) Does poetry interest you? Any plans to try this genre?
No plans.

9) Besides writing, what are your other passions in life and what else would you want to try out in the near future?
I want to be an entrepreneur and I want to begin a conglomerate of companies. Haha!
10) Coming back to writing, what’s next in the pipeline? And what genre?
Yama. A cyber mytho thriller.

11) Please share some tips for young authors who wish to make a mark in the industry with their work?
Read. Read. Read.
12) Define Kevin Missal in One line?
 A calculative fiend. Haha!