A Book Review Of The Threat Below Penned By J.S. Latshaw

A Book Review Of The Threat Below Penned By J.S. Latshaw

  • Publisher: Fernweh Books

  • Publication Year: 2015

  • ISBN-10:  0692463593

  • ISBN-13: 978-0692463598

  • Pages: 543

  • Rating: 4.5 on 5


The first time I heard the name “The Threat Below”, I was convinced that it would be some sort of spy thriller book with a lot of action and adventure. However, upon receiving the book I was pleasantly surprised by its cover page, which depicted a female warrior donning a cape and facing a huge hairy monster with nothing but a blowtorch. Given my love for the mystery and fantasy genre, I was really not disappointed that the book did not turn out to be what I had hoped. Rather the cover page filled me with much curiosity and I started reading this debut novel of J. S. Latshaw in earnest.
Icelyn Brathius and her childhood friend Adorane two of the Kith, the remnants of the human race in the post-apocalyptic world on the Mountaintop within the safety of a wall surrounding it. The Kith live in constant fear of the beastly Croathus, who live way below the mountain’s cloudline. However, not all Croathus evil, and many of them are still loyal to the Kith, But then the pinched yet peaceful existence of the Kith is threatened when their water supply becomes poisoned. Since the water supply originates down below, the Kith naturally suspects the Croathus, especially their evil and ambitious counselor, Tranton,  of hatching this deadly plan. Now before the poisoned water spells the end of the Kith they must find a way to cleanse it for which someone needs to travel down below. Icelyn and Adorane take up the challenge along with a small band of Kith volunteers and Eveshone, the beautiful Croathus who is an ally of the Kith. Will their journey end in success and what secrets they will uncover forms the rest of the story.
The one thing that I liked about this book the most is the manner in which each of its characters has been build to make them more realistic. The author also needs to be applauded for the fact that despite the numerous twists and turns in the storyline, the pace and consistency of the book has not faltered. The book also addresses various issues and emotions that young adults struggle with, in a truly engaging and interesting manner. The narration, the language, and the well-developed writing style, all make for a great read. Overall I found the book to be truly fascinating and a wonderful addition to my collection and I wish the author all the best with its success.