A Book Review Of If We Last: After Crossing A Light-Year By Ishita Banik

A Book Review  Of If We Last: After Crossing A Light-Year By Ishita Banik

IF WE LAST: After Crossing a Light-year by [Ishita Banik]


  • Publisher: Educreation Publication

  • Publication Year:


  • Pages:125

  • Rating: 4.0 on 5

I did not know what to make of the book upon first hearing the title of If We Last: After Crossing A Light Year penned by Ishita Banik. When I received the book, one look at the cover page told me that it is some kind of a mystery thriller. I soon learned that I was partially right as the book combines the genres of love and thrill to weave an intriguing tale.
The book tells the tale of Avispa, a college student, and Reyansh, an engineer who finds it difficult to move-on after his break-up with Mahika. The two meet and interact with each other for the first time on Facebook, and soon their meetings become more personal as their bond grows. As Avispa gradually starts bringing Reyansh out of the trauma of his break-up she finds herself being stalked by an unknown person creating much chaos in her life.
The author needs to be applauded for her efforts in creating an interesting plot and storyline. Her writing style is also quite good and her ability to portray emotional conflicts and consciences in a confident and elaborate manner is also praiseworthy. However, the book does not offer anything unique to keep the readers engaged, and even the little amount of thrill that is there is apparent only in the last few pages. Still, the book makes for a good one time reading and I wish Ishita all the best for its success.