Popular Bengali Sweets On Festive Occassion

Top Six Popular Bengali Sweets To Eat During This Durga Puja

Bengalis are known not only for their sweet language but also their love for sweets. And what better occasion can be there to try some of the most popular sweets from Bengal, than the festive season. So given below is the list of the top five sweets that everyone must eat during this Durga Puja.

Mishti Doi

Mishti DoiThis quintessential Bengali desert is simply too delicious to pass up at any time or place. Made from condensed milk mixed with caramelized sugar, this ice cream like sweet with a thick and dense texture, just melts in the mouth and gives the feeling of heavenly bliss to people relishing it.

 Kolar Bora

kolar BoraThis mouthwatering delicacy is perfect example of how Bengalis can turn anything that others find useless, into an amazing dish. The sweet is made from a mixture of ripe bananas, refined flour, grated coconut and sugar. Also known as banana fritters, these crunchy chunks are worth tasting.

Gur Sondesh

Gur SondeshAlthough sondesh is the most popular Bengali sweet, this slightly different version is even better. Made from jiggery and chick pea, this delicacy is sure to enchant anyone with its heavenly taste that is further enhanced by the slipper consistency of the jaggery.

Kheer Kadam

Kheer KadamThis delicacy essentially combines the taste of two different sweets to send the eaters into a sweet numbness. It consists of two layers, with the outer one having been made from grated khoya and powdered sugar. The inner layer consists of tiny rasgullas which enhance the flavor.

Narkel Naru

Narkel NaruNarkel naru is yet another popular Bengali sweet that is eaten during the Durga Puja festival. It is made from grated coconut mixed with jiggery and offers a mild crispy taste while melting easily within the mouth. The sweet is also popular by the name of coconut laddoo.


RasogullaAny talk about Bengali sweets is definitely incomplete without the mention of rasogulla. These spongy dumplings made from khoya are soaked in sugar syrup to add a unique taste to them. The rasogullas have been the poster items of Bengali sweets for ages and are extremely difficult for anyone to refuse.