The Legend Of Durga Puja

Legends Associated With The Grand Festival Of Durga Puja

Durga Puja is one of the most revered festivals of the Bengali Hindu community in India and across the world, although it is celebrated with equal reverence by all Hindus. The nine day long celebrations, also known as Durgotsab, are held in the month of Aswin and feature complex rituals and intricate ceremonies, especially during the last six days of the festivities. The most prominent tale associated with Durga Puja is as follows.
durga-puja-in-kolkataIn the ancient times, a demon named Mahishasura, pleased Lord Brahma with his intense meditation and sought the boon that no man or God kill him. After obtaining this boon from the creator, Mahishasura started considering himself to be immortal and terrorized both Heaven and Earth with his ferocity and atrocities. Consumed by his power, he even waged a war against the Gods and ousted them after conquering heaven.
durga_pujaThe Supreme Gods, namely Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh, were much angered by the wickedness and evil deeds of Mahishasura and combined the energies emanating from their foreheads to create Goddess Durga. She represented united force of all divine powers against the negative forces and was adorned with 10 hands, each holding a different weapon. The enchantingly beautiful Goddess was dressed in golden armor and possessed various magical powers. She rode a loin and went ahead to face Mahishasura.
Even the unvanquished demons noticed the thunderous uproar created by the marching of Goddess Durga and soon a battle ensued between the demonic forces and the Goddess herself. The battle waged on for nine days and nights, during which time the Goddess destroyed almost the entire demonic forces of Mahishasura. This angered the demon king and he took the form of a buffalo to meet the Devi head on in the battle field.
In his rage, the buffalo shaped Mahishasur attacked Goddess Durga’s army, wounding the brave soldiers with the whiplash of his tail or by biting them or charging at them. This angered the Loin of the Goddess and it attacked the demon-boffalo, giving the Goddess an opportunity to put her noose around the demon’s neck.
However, the cunning demon started changing his form to confuse the Goddess. However, she soon understood his plan and beheaded the buffalo revealing the true form of the demon.
Once the demon emerged from the buffalo’s body, the Goddess pierced his heart with her trident and relived the world from his atrocities and violent reign.
Since then the nine days of war are celebrated as Durga Puja while the 10th day or Durga Dashami celebrates the victory of the Goddess over Mahishasura!

Happy Durgotsav To All