Holi Herbal Colors, And Its Significance

Holi Festival- The Herbal Colors, And Its Significance

Holi Festival - Herbal Colors
Do you know the importance of Holi colors in our lives? Which festival delivers the true essence of colors? Yes, you are right; it is the festival of Holi, for which we all desperately wait. It is a Hindu festival full of colors, love, and happiness.

What is the festival of Holi Signify?

Holi is a festival of colors that adds positivity to life. It acts as a symbol that marks the beginning of the spring by bidding goodbye to summers. Many consider it as the Festival of Love and Festival of Spring.
Moreover, in Hindu mythology, Holi is associated with Lord Krishna. Mythology says in Vrindavan, Lord Krishna played Holi with his friend Radha and other Gopis. When someone leads to anger because of putting down colors on them, others say “ Bura Na Mano Holi Hai” means Don’t be angry its Holi. 

Significance of Holi Colors

Nowadays, every person is concerned about their skin. Eco-friendly colors are now winning the hearts of people. These colors are made from extracts of beetroot, turmeric, berries, and other natural elements. It turns the colors soft on the skin. Every color signifies different aspects of our lives.

Red Color

Red Herbal Color - Holi India
Red is a mixture of turmeric powder that becomes red when mixed with lime. In India, many people put a red dot on their forehead; it is called tilak as a holy sign of safety.

Blue Color

Blue Color - Herbal Festival
The blue color depicts the skin color of Lord Krishna. The sky and the ocean also offer this color. Nilkantaha means the blue neck of Lord Shiva. It turned blue as Shiva drank the poison during Samudra Manthan to save humanity. The blue color indicates life and strength.
It is a transparent color, and so the blue color depicts water. Blue shows negativity exists in the world but can be controlled by bravery and following the right way. You can prepare this color from blue hibiscus flowers.

Yellow Color

Yellow Herbal Colors India
It is a bright color and depicts happiness around us, so it is a popular color choice in Holi. It is the color of Lord Vishnu. Yellow color, also portrays intelligence, learning, peace, good health, and joy.
The yellow color is made from turmeric, a spice used in Indian cooking. We use it to cure wounds, acne, and beauty products. For example, turmeric is used, in the Haldi ceremony of the Indian wedding. Scientifically yellow color produce serotonin, a chemical in the human brain that makes us happy and fills our life with positivity.


Green Color Holi Festival
Green is the color of nature, and it is the symbol of new beginnings, harvest, freshness, happiness, and spirit. It is the color of Lord Rama and Lord Vishnu. When Rama was in the forest, the beauty of nature and green color helped him calm down and offered him mental peace.
Married women of Maharashtra and Andhra wear green bangles and green sari to respect Lord Rama. It is a respected color in Islam. It is extracted naturally from spinach that is an eatable herb.

Orange Color

Holi Festival Orange Color
It is associated with the color of the sun. So, it gives us energy and spreads light in our life. It signifies strength. It teaches us to leave the past and move forward. It is a sign of forgiveness and the beginning of a new journey. You can make it from the extracts and peels of orange.

Pink Color

Importance of Pink Herbal Color
Pink Color  is a symbol of love, positivity, and kindness. It teaches us how to enjoy life. It is extracted from beetroot.

Purple Color

Purple Color Holi Indiacafe24
It is the color of magic and suspense. It depicts the new possibilities in life. It is peaceful, calm, and restful and guides to avoid the rush. It is a widely used color in Holi. You can make it with the pigment of red cabbage.

You can use several colors in this Holi to gain positivity, energy, peace, beauty, light, and strength in your life. And by putting all the colors on your dear ones, you make them happy and enjoy this festival full of energy.