Book Review: An Afternoon In My Mind

An Afternoon In My Mind By Sonnet Mondal -A Collection Of Poems About Childhood And Nostalgia At Its Best

An Afternoon In My Mind By Sonnet Mondal
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Childhood memories are the greatest treasure of most people and often make them nostalgic. Very few books, especially those written in poetry form are able to capture this unique feeling. Sonnet Mondal’s latest book, An Afternoon In my Mind is exceptional because it helps the readers enjoy both these aspects of human life. It offers a rare combination of nostalgia and memories while understanding the need of readers to hold on to the present.

Book Premise

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An Afternoon in my mind is a collection of 75 poems each of which takes the readers back in time. It helps connects to their strong feelings associated with a specific location, in most cases the home they grew up in. It makes them relive their childhood memories and indulge in psychological warfare to heal. It inspires and motivates them to continue fighting until they turn their life into a cheerful experience. The poems take the readers on a spiritual adventure. Even though some of the poems explore the feelings of loss, yearning, and solitude, they do so in a humorous manner. All the poems are unfiltered and are based on the ultimate truth of the unavoidable cycle of life and death.

Who Should Read It

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The book is a perfect choice for people seeking something light and unique for weekend reading. It is also a great option for people interested in revisiting the golden era of their childhood. It can help them remind of the carefree days from when they were young.

Writing Style

The author needs to be applauded for keeping the poems diverse while also maintaining some connectivity between them. His exceptional grasp of words that hold the readers captive and also inspire them is also praise-worthy. He has used his imagination in the most unique manner to take the readers to various known and unknown places and give them the freedom to interpret the poems as they please.

Final Verdict

Every poem in the book tells a unique tale that adds to its magnificence and appeal. I give the book a rating of 4.5/5.