Perfect Games To Learn How To Focus

Perfect games to Learn How to Focus at

Most people on this planet, including me, believe that games are a great way of refreshing the mind. Whether outdoors, indoors, or digital, involving the mind in games leads to much more than just playing. Therefore, amid my busy schedule, I ensure to engage in such recreational activities to get recharged.
I knew about for a long time and had played a few games on this portal. However, a friend recently told me they had added many more exciting games. So, I have been looking forward to checking this website all these days.
So, one day I decided to visit this portal. I loved the color combination and design of this platform. The categorization was simple, neither over-flashy nor hard to comprehend. The first category that caught my eye was Logic Games.
I opened this page and started scrolling down. I wanted to try a different game as I knew this portal had an amazing collection. Then, I saw the game called Burn Matches.
The first aspect I must mention here is the background music. It was upbeat and peppy and immediately set my mood to play the game. Even the design, as you can see from the screenshot, is brilliant.
I understood what the game was about by clicking the first level button. One has to add or remove matchsticks to complete a numerical equation. The instruction for the particular level flashed on the screen.
One has to click on a matchstick to remove it and click on the dark mark to add it. Once the equation is true, the matches light up and burn, which is an fantastic scene to watch!

Thus, I happily completed this game’s first level, looking forward to the next ones.
I kept playing the subsequent levels and realized that the difficulty level was increasing. There was no time limit to this game, but figuring out the right movements was the brainstorming factor. Here is how the level 5 looked like.
I skipped this game for the time being, as I now wanted to try another niche. I was more than sure by now that this platform has fantastic applications to offer. So, I checked the other categories and tried my hands on Word Games.
One of the games’ names instantly impressed me: Waffle. I wanted to see how the developers designed this game, so I clicked on it.
The game had many language variations, and I continued with English.
This game was about making as many words as possible by striking the letters out. The formed words are displayed on the notepad on the right with the score. 
The most interesting feature of this game was the negative scoring on choosing the wrong set of letters. As seen in the above screenshot, my score was 60, but on marking an incorrect word, it was reduced to 50. I have shown the reduction in the below image.
So, I had to be cautious while selecting the words, which meant paying more attention. The stopwatch bar next to the waffle made it even more challenging. I managed a few words with little time left and concluded this game.
The new game was a different set of letters, so nothing was predictable.
Another appreciable aspect was that one could draw a line in any direction to form the word. So I focused more and began finding new words from every angle.
Overall, this game was helpful in challenging my brain and testing my vocabulary.
After playing these two games, I checked the categories on this portal. I was fascinated that the website also has a good collection of board games, such as Snakes and Ladders, Backgammon, Chess, and many more. These games reminded me of my childhood, and I look forward to playing them soon.
This portal is beautifully designed, and the developers have been very thoughtful in programming the games. The collection of games on this website is extensive, and one will find something or the other to suit one’s interest.
Also, the games are easy to comprehend and have various difficulty levels. So, if you feel like playing an easy or brainstorming game, you can find ample options for each type on this website.
The best part about this platform that I personally liked was that it amazingly and immediately gripped my focus. The more levels I crossed, the more attentive I became. I was so much engrossed in playing that I did not, or rather could not, think of anything else.
I realized the consequence of this attention when I closed my computer. I was naturally feeling refreshed and recharged, and the reason was simple. All this while, my brain concentrated on something productive to play the games successfully.
Thus, this portal helped me increase my focus and helped me refrain from dull thinking that I would have otherwise created. We are in those times when everyone is talking about finding inner happiness, and engaging in these games is an excellent source to find it.
Hence, I highly recommend this platform to all my readers for its brilliantly designed games and its ability to teach how to focus.

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