The Important Lessons of Lord Krishna

The Important Lessons of Lord Krishna

Have any one of you read the old Indian epic Mahabharata? If yes, then for sure will be familiar with the divine hero Lord Krishna. He is one of the most loved gods among Hindu followers. Krishna is the eighth manifestation of Vishnu.

Lord Krishna remained the most profound spiritual instructor in this world. He changed the intellectual and chronological fate of humanity.

Krishna taught people worldwide about karma, commitment, and the ultimate truth. Shri Krishna has served as a role model for individuals in various ways.

The Bhagavad Gita, also known as the Gita, consists of 700 verses and is the most read book in Hinduism. Mahabharata narrates that Lord Krishna imparts his insight to Arjuna. He helped him throughout the war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Krishna gave several valuable lessons that are simple to apply to our everyday lives. We are sharing the eight teachings of Lord Krishna on the auspicious day of Janmashtami.

Karma’s significance or focus on your duties

Through Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna instructed us to control our feelings. He suggested to concentrate on our moral responsibility to face any critical problem. Weakened by sentiments, we often stray from the right path. The dharmic path is factual. But affection, hate, jealousy, and devotion are subjective feelings. Feelings shouldn’t take priority over the dharma road. Krishna suggested considering Kurukshetra, our battleground, our dharamkshetra, or our place of responsibility.

Everything that happens in life happen for the best

According to Lord Krishna, everything occurs for a purpose. Thus, there should be a cause for both your good and bad phases. It is common even if you are now experiencing success. Thus, it is a loop that you must embrace. History and destiny are irrelevant, so stop worrying about them. But, you can only influence the here and now. Because of this, spiritual experts say that you can only manage the present, so make the most of it.

Kindness is always appreciated

“The doer of kindness never comes to trouble,” said Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna will protect anybody who performs their duties. Additionally, he asserts that people are rational beings with free choices. Our destiny will get determined by the decisions we make in life. But unfortunately, some who select the route of dharma suffer due to their misdeeds. Lord Krishna safeguards those who follow the path of goodness.

Every job deserves respect

There is no such thing as a big or small duty, according to Lord Krishna. Regardless of how big or small the task is, you must always love what you do and put it your best. Work occupies a significant part of life. The best way to be content is to appreciate and embrace all sorts of work. No task is small or big.

Everybody must have a genuine friend

Lord Krishna and Draupadi maintained a dependable and united connection. She got undressed forcefully in the court of Kauravas.Lord Krishna protected her, like a genuine friend when Draupadi remembered her.

We must remember Krishna in any challenging time of life. He can break the chains of our destiny and protect us.
The connection between Lord Krishna and Sudama is well known to us all. Sudama was not from a well-to-do family. But there was something to learn from how Krishna addressed Sudama. He showed us that trust and compassion are prime components of a lasting friendship.

Control Your Anger

Anger impairs judgment, which in turn impairs memory and intelligence. Decision-making becomes difficult when intelligence is absent. Given this, anger is the root cause of all losses in a human’s life. It is among the three principal entrances to hell, along with lust and greed. One should make an effort to restrain and divert wrath. It will help to maintain mental tranquility.


In the Kurukshetra war, Krishna instructed Bheem to invoke his son Ghatotkach. Instead of destroying the Kaurav force, the goal was to make Karna wield the Indrastra. It was a devastating heavenly weapon from which no one could ever survive. He took these steps to ensure Arjuna’s survival. He worked for Pandavas’ triumph by offering the life of one outstanding warrior. This sacrifice taught us to succeed in life, one must make many sacrifices. Without effort, there can be no real advancement or success. Achieving the highest degree of achievement demands sacrifice of :
  • Comfort
  • Ego
  • Pride
  • Energy
  • Income
  • Security

Dharmas come in two varieties: material dharma and intellectual dharma

Both forms of dharma got established on two different conceptions of the “self.” Your karma is in accord with your duties, obligations, acts, and attitude. You feel it when you recognize yourself as the body. But what when you realize that you are the soul? Your only dharma is to serve God with love and devotion. God is the soul’s parent, father, friend, loved one, and last resting place. God requests that you abandon your worldly body and declare yourself a soul.