Interesting Things to Learn from the Games at

Interesting Things to Learn from the Games at

Amidst my busy schedule, I try to involve myself in recreational platforms such as gaming or informative blogs. was a name I had heard before, but somehow could not find the time to explore its collection. Recently, one of my colleagues, who has similar interests, reminded me about this platform. She explained how beautifully designed the portal was, and I decided to check out this platform.

Jolly Jong Math

 I scrolled down and found a game called Jolly Jong Math. Mathematics being one of my favourite subjects, I wanted to see what this game is all about. I soon realized that this game is an excellent way of sharpening one’s mental math skills.
On clicking Play, there was a matrix of single digit numbers and the desired result on the left. The mathematical operation was mentioned in brackets, and I had to get the result using two tiles with that operation.
The right side had the score, level, and goal, with the latter being twenty answers. The time bar showed how much time was left in yellow colour. Towards the end, it became really fascinating as little time was left, and I had to complete two more goals.
I completed the first level just in time and was happy to receive a time bonus.
I instantly clicked the next level button as the game had gripped me by now. I understood that the second level had multiple operations to solve. The first level involved only addition, but this was a mixture of subtraction and addition.
I continued to the third level, which had two-digit numbers in the matrix from eleven to nineteen. Locating the numbers and finding the given solution within time created some real mathematical excitement!

Beary Spot On

After a lot of brainstorming and mental math, I wanted to try another game from this portal. I returned to the categories page, and this time, I started checking from the end of the list. Then, I found the legendary We Bear Bears.
On clicking this niche, I located a game called Beary Spot On. It was about finding differences between images which is one of my favourite game types. However, this game was quite different from other similar ones I had played before.
The images were very simple yet contained many objects and details, making it challenging to spot the difference. Furthermore, this game had a time limit, marked by the yellow bar at the bottom.
When I clicked the place with the difference on the right-side image, it was marked with a red circle, as shown below.
The right side of the screen comprised the level, score, and hint. The hint button would flash one solution at a time, and the player needs to be attentive to follow it. Initially, I did not require the hints, but towards the end, I used one and crossed the first level.
The second level was more challenging as the number of objects on the images increased. Also, a very interesting feature I liked about this game was the negative scoring. When I clicked on an incorrect location which did not have the difference, the brush marked a red cross and the score reduced. I have captured the screenshots to explain this point, wherein the score in the second one has decreased from the first.
I completed the second level and still had two hints left. The third level, as expected, required more attention, and using up the hints, I could manage six out of eight differences in half the time.
However, it was too late when I spotted the last but one difference.
So, the time and the game were over with one difference remaining to be guessed.
But I was happy because the screen told me I had created a new record, and now, I am looking forward to beating it.
However, the new high score was not the only cause of my happiness. What I later understood is that I was happy because, all this while, I did not create any unwanted thoughts. I was busy playing these exciting games, and it saved me from all the mundane ideas I could have otherwise thought of.
The games at increases one’s gaming, scientific, mathematical, and thinking skills. It helps one’s mind to get recharged, besides improving mind-body coordination and concentration power.
Most importantly, it helps eliminate waste thoughts and radiate happiness. In today’s times, when people are searching for optimism, what better solution could it be than to channel the mind toward something productive, such as these games?!
Thus, I highly recommend that all my readers check out this platform and its fantastic games.