Blackhat- Movie Review

Micheal Mann has offered another glossy Tech-Thriller, ‘Blackhat’


Movie: BlackHat

Cast:      Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, Viola Davis

Genre: Action/Thriller

Directed by: Micheal Mann



It is true that the directors, who work on the thriller genre, have to bring variations in their making as well as their choosing of the scripts. In case of ‘Blackhat’ Mann probably made an unwise choice. After films such as ‘Public Enemies’ and ‘Heat’, Mann makes another comeback to the action-thriller genre with his ‘Blackhat’. But here he has restricted the film within the premises of dialogues and computers not offering much space where the viewers can actually be refreshed with some visual beauty or space. This eventually creates a claustrophobic atmosphere. This is both an advantage and disadvantage for the film as there are moments where the movie gains a gripping and unexpected turn and this restricted premise helps this process. But rest of the time the movie suffers from excess subplots; unrealistic situations so on so forth.

A catastrophic breach in a Honk Kong Power plant is the main plot around which the movie ‘Blackhat’ is made. The film, directed by Mann, has Chris Hemsworth (of “Thor”) in its leading role. Chris made his appearance likable for the movie though at times he surprisingly overacts. The main problem lies with screenplay writer Morgan Davis Foehl as he never lets the film go through a proper storyline. There are endless twists and turns, some of which are unresolved till the end of the movie. This will make you confused as which is the real story and which is not.

Cinematography, Is however, not so bad in this film at all. In fact, proper alignment of lenses right angles and swift camera movement create some bit of interest among the viewers.

‘Black hat’ is certainly not Mann’s best work o far, but it does carry his signature mark no doubt. A visit to the hall for ‘Blackhat’ is definitely not a bad decision.