Kuler Achar- Bengali Movie Review

Kuler Achar- Bengali Movie Review: Hubbub and Humour Surrounding Changing Surname 

Movie Title: Kuler Achaar

Cast: Madhumita Sarcar, Vikram Chatterjee, Indrani Haldar, Neel Mukherjee. 

Director: Sudeep Das

Genre: Drama

Rank: 3.75

Kuler Achaar a Bengali Movie revolves around one of the much-debatable topics. It’s about changing women’s surname post-marriage. 

The primary cast members are Madhumita Sarcar, Vikram Chatterjee, Indrani Haldar, and Neel Mukherjee.  The director of this film is Sudeep Das. He is a popular director in the Tollywood industry. 

Sudeep has given the audience many relatable stories in the past. This movie contains yet another relatable subject. 

Kuler Achar- Movie Plot

Mithi (Madhumita Sarcar) and Pritam (Vikram Chatterjee) have newly tied the knot. It was a love marriage. Both are modernistic individuals and respect each other’s views. The story initially portrays understanding and romance between the duo. But things take an unpredictable turn when the couple faces an awkward situation. It was on their honeymoon trip.

The police officials intervene in their private time and suspect them as unmarried. The in-charge fails to trust them as their surnames do not match. This occurrence leads to the rest of the movie’s plot. It created a rift between Mithi’s in-laws, Pranatosh (Neel Mukherjee) and Mitali (Indrani Haldar).

Kuler Achaar – The Depicted Issue

Kuler Achaar targets a common issue in most Indian families. It’s about a lady’s change of surname after marriage. Not some but all married women will relate to this matter. No one wants to shift from her maiden surname to a completely new identity. In spite of the storyline, the movie could not put its best foot forward due to some flaws.

Kuler Achaar -Flaws in Movie Plot

The first flaw was the sudden shift of focus from the newly wedded Mithi to her mother-in-law. The audience may get confused to decide who the central character is. The second flaw was the abrupt ending of the character of Mitali. When everything ends, his husband realizes the importance of Mitali’s fight. Flaw three is the character of Mithi’s mother. Her mom in place of supporting her daughter, went against her when her demands were not illogical. 

Kuler Achaar – The Performances Of Artists

Now, coming to the acting part or character presentation. We can say that Madhumita played brilliantly as Mithi. The romantic scenes and even the fights between Mithi and Pritam looked realistic. They represented the true essence of a bong couple.

 Neel Mukherjee, as Pranatosh, represented the dominating male society. The performance was bang-on. This society considers men are the masters and rule makers of the family. Men ignore the desire and expectations of others, especially women in the family.

 Indrani Halder is one of the finest actresses in Bengali Cinema. She proved her talent once again as Mitali. But the director failed to do justice to the character. The bond between the Mithi and Mitali was sweet and funny too. It made us realize that a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship can be strong too.

Kuler Achaar – The Final Verdict

Keeping in mind the relatable subject and the plot’s attempt to put everything together, IndiaCafe24 gives Kuler Achaar 3.75 stars.

But what is your take on this subject?

Indian women or; any married woman should keep their maternal surname after marriage or not?

Is it realistic to take up the husband’s family surname erasing the essence of own family name?

Do not forget to comment below and share your view.