Navin Prakash – The 3rd Elimination of Big Boss House

Navin Prakash – Evicted from Big Boss House


We are not sure how much popularity Navin Prakash could have gained if he remained only the mentors for UPSC candidates. But it’s very true that he gained some popularity just by making an entry in this BIG BOSS season 10 and with his 1 month’s stay in the house. By Passion he is a poet, and by profession he is a teacher but why he failed to secure his position in the house is a big question. When Navin got nominated along with Lokesh, Rahul Dev and Manveer almost majority of the Big Boss audience was sure that this time he is the one who will be evicted in the weekend.  With Navin this is the 3rd elimination in the house and that too of an Indiawala. What’s wrong Indiawala? One after another it’s the common man leaving the house. Navin was pretty unhappy with the decision of the audience as he felt he gave 100% in the house and was an active member, still an inactive member like Rahul Dev was saved and not him. But Navin need to accept the fact that his wish and prediction cannot decide his fate in Big Boss. It’s the Big Boss audience who will take the call and not him. He was the weakest among all the Indiawala and he need to accept it that mere aggressive shouting on the contestants on silly things and supporting Mannu blindly cannot prove him as an interesting candidate to watch out. Omji entertained well the audience till now with his act, Lokesh is doing her share of contribution to stay in the limelight, Mannu is a perfect player using his brain in right way and right manner to exist and Manveer being Mannu’s follower is still managing to stay alive.
In the weekend sessions Host Salman Khan Said that celebrities are still managing to exist in the house just because of the work they did in the industry and not for what they are doing now in the house. This week’s nomination presents again Lokesh, Rahul, Monalisa and Karan in the panel of eviction. So what your take…… Will this week be the very first elimination for celebrities or Lokesh being the only Indiawala  in the panel will say adieu.