Maan Ugta Taad Sa, Maan Hota Ujaad Bhi – Book Review

Maan Ugta Taad Sa, Maan Hota Ujaad Bhi By Promilla Qazi – A Review

  • Publisher: Hindi Kashmiri Sangam
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-81929836-1-5
  • Pages: 104
  • Rating: 4 on 5



Having read the work of this extremely skilled and versatile writer, I found myself both excited and somewhat nervous to be reviewing the first book of Promilla Qazi. Maan Ugta Taad Sa, Maan Hota Ujaad Bhi is a collection of over 100 poems in Hindi by the writer. The front cover of the book depicts an elderly lady in traditional Kashmiri attire sitting in a somber mood with the rusty chinar trees forming the bottom half of the picture. This picture in itself gives an idea that the book might be related to females in some manner. So I was not really too surprised to find the dedication of the book by the author, to females, having diverse skills and knowledge.

As I started going through the poems, I found simplicity in the language that made it easy for me to relate to the various expressions and emotions that the poetess has tried to highlight. She has managed to cover almost every type of feeling that a woman may go through including, love, wait, pain, sacrifice and strength etc. I especially liked “Apne Hone Ka Utasv”, which celebrates the joy of existence, “Chardeewari”, which expresses the quintessential requirements for creating a home, “Aaksh”, which is about a poem about individuality and “Wo Nanhi Si Ladki” which is about a homeless girl.

Every poem in the book is unique and I felt like taking an emotional rollercoaster ride while reading the book. The common everyday language used for creating such beautiful poetry enhanced its impact even more and helped me learn something new about poetic expression in a simple form.

Overall I found the maiden book of Promilla Qazi truly inspiring and well worth a read. The realistic emotions have been expressed in form of flowing verses with extreme simplicity and conviction. I wish this talented writer all the very best for her future endeavors.

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