Book Review- Piece of Your Mind for Peace of Mind

A Book Review Of A Piece of Your Mind for Peace of Mind By Manali Desai


Most authors use poetry to express specific feelings like love, desperation, anger, or even sadness. However, writer Manali Desai has used this medium of expression to talk about a few real-life experiences and unique situations of people. Her book A Piece of Your Mind for Peace of Mind is a collection of poems depicting the life and problems of people. 

Book Premise

The book tries to highlight the fact, that every person experiences life differently as per their unique situations and how they handle them. The author highlights the need to understand the importance of self-love. It is not only to gain success in life but also to love other people. She also brings to the fore, that numerous people can experience the same feelings and emotions. Both feelings can be at the same time. This commonality of emotions and feelings binds people together, which the author uses to inspire positivity among them. 

Who Should Read It 

Writing style

The book consists of 45 poems. A few of the poems got presented with illustrations. The author has written the poems in a heartwarming manner. Each poem aims to highlight a unique problem or experience people go through. She has used the poem to talk about topics like team spirit, friendships in relationships, and family time. 
The cover page design of the book is simple yet appealing and matches the title perfectly. 

Final Verdict

I loved the unique way the author used the genre of poetry. I give it a rating of 4.5/5.
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